How To Prevent Salafist ‘Mind Rape’: Muslims Display Academic ‘Standards’ AGAIN

Asharis: Assemble


It is very common for us to receive questions from confused people about references or sources that they have been exposed to by Wahhabis/Salafis. In 90% of cases, this is due to the recipients inability to read Arabic (incidentally, a lot of so-called radicalisation proceeds in this manner also, with people being groomed to join ISIS etc based on fatwas, hadith and opinions which they cannot even read in the original Arabic). I have long known that Wahhabis employ certain stereotyped fraudulent and academically bankrupt techniques to mislead people, so I was very happy when Nikita submitted the article on which this one builds:

That piece employed the popular ‘ internet debunking’ style, using a book review by a Wahhabi propagandist as a jumping off point to expose the strategies and techniques Wahhabis employ in general. Judging from the number of views and reactions, it had a utility and benefit far beyond the simple premise of its author. Providentially, the purveyors of the original misinformation piece circulated a defence of it (amongst themselves only this time though, presumably fearing further embarrassment), allowing our writer to reproduce it here and with even greater…

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4 replies

  1. I wanted to know the name of that salafi who gave the review to whom nikita nick named as ‘cheeba’


  2. Some guy called Wakar Akbar Cheema wrote a review on some ‘dawah’ site (dawah for what though…). But now it looks like a big gang of them including this new guy. Madkhalis maybe. I must say, I didn’t know of the second Bassam review at all.


  3. Salam Paul, is the writer of this site Nazzam? Or am I getting confused?


  4. no, it’s definitely not Nazam!

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