DEBATE: Can You Make Du’a To The Prophet ﷺ After His Death?


Categories: Hadith, Islam

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  1. Good example how Islamic scholars engage each other in disagreement with one another within Islamic scholarly tradition , this btw one of the issue I haven’t decided which side I am on.


  2. I personally cannot see how anyone can justify praying to the Prophet. How is that different from what the Catholics do with their saints and Mary? May Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) protect us from such things.


    • Amen.

      Dear br. Faiz, I understand that but this became a convoluted issue the more I look into it. it does seem to me there foundation from the Qur’an , sunnah and the works of classical ulemas which suggest the permissibility (put it that way) to approach and ask syafaat Allah by way of the Prophet which is not restricted to Physical Hayat of Prophet (Mutlaq)


  3. I didn’t watch the video but the guys on the right had more books than the guys on the left – does that mean anything?


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