How religious are so-called “Islamic terrorists”?

“Islam has a problem”, that’s the often repeated phrase following attacks carried out by those who claim to be doing so in the name of religion. A look at some of the attackers, however, shows that many may actually not have been motivated by religion at all. In this week’s Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan challenges the common view that ISIL and al-Qaeda attackers are devout Muslims. First broadcast in February 2016. Subsequent events have only served to strengthened Mehdi Hasan’s view.  


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  1. Scientifically, it is hard to say how Islamic terrorists are given that it is very hard to measure ‘Islam’.


  2. Aljazeera is a Qatar-based news network, so obviously anything they produce is going to be heavily biased and depict Islam as favorably as possible. The anecdotes he tells in the video are charming, and no doubt true–but that does not excuse the influence of Islam. Take Saudi Arabia, for example. They are governed by a religious monarchy and use Sharia for their legal code. They even have religious police that go around harassing women whose clothing is in violation of Sharia law. They are also the number one state sponsor of global terrorism through their funding of madrassas, or Wahhabist religious schools, which in practice are more or less jihadi training camps. Their regular schools teach children to despise Jews and call for the extermination of Christians. (There is a great Frontline documentary with an inside look into Saudi Arabia that I highly recommend). However, when rich Saudis go abroad, they are notorious for partying, taking incredibly expensive prostitutes, drinking, doing drugs, etc. So yes, I have no doubt that especially individuals lower on the totem pole in terrorist organizations–disenfranchised youths that are recruited–are often delinquent druggies, rapists, and creeps. However, that doesn’t lessen their religious fervor, or their belief that the slaughter of infidels is holy and justified by Allah. (It bears mentioning that their afterlife is said to involve lots of virgins for them to have sex with, so that’s something to keep in mind).


    • The point I would like to make is this: Islamic teaching condemns terrorism as an extremely serious crime, punishable by death.

      You make many sweeping generalisations, and appear to be unaware of the distinction between some Muslims bad behaviour and the authentic teachings of Islam.

      It’s like blaming Christianity for the actions of the KKK.


    • Which were the sweeping generalizations that I made, exactly?

      It’s not a matter of “blaming,” but rather approaching the matter with clear-eyed rationality and examining the facts at hand. It’s not a stretch or an interpolation to acknowledge the fact that Islam does, without question, produce individuals with violent and hateful tendencies at a disproportionately high rate when compared to other religions. You may try to rationalize that away by trying to come up with inappropriate and meaningless comparisons (What about the Nazis! What about the KKK! What about mass school shooters!), but those don’t actually bear almost any similarity to the issue of Islamic terrorism, if you took the time to educate yourself on the topic.


  3. Its true I have never educated myself on the topic of Islam. I’m glad you are hear to teach me.


    • Merritt Corrigan

      I am afraid yo did not educate yourself very well on the issue of terrorists and terrorism. I will teach you a lesson today with regards to terrorism.

      -According to FBI, the most terrorists and terrorism that is high, alarming and dangerous to the USA is not Islamic terrorism but white supremacist terrorists and terrorism.

      -Israel is a state sponsored terrorists killing children in well marked UN refugee camps helped by terrorists Zionists and Evangelical Christians who use their Bible to call for the exterminations of all Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.l

      -Christians did exterminate all Jews and Muslims from Spain and the Holy Land by killing and force converting them. The Christians start to exterminate themselves i.e. Catholics, protestants, Mormons which started from Arianism extermination by Trinitarians and vice versa. John Calvin ordered the burning of Michael Sventus because he did not agree with him

      -Why are the Christians not killing others en masse these days? because they were tamed and beaten up by the liberals and freedom of religion forced on them(Christians).

      -Some of the Muslim that terrorise the west said clearly they did it because of the mass killings of civilians in the Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. wars cause by Evangelical Christians and Zionist.

      -Some of Israel Jews terrorise the Palestinians and still terrorise them to grab their lands according the their scripture supported by Evangelical Christians and CNN and Wolf Blitzer who is also a Zionist will not call Israel terrorism as terrorism but “Israel has the right to defend itself” and Obama will say that and Israel will use it to terrorise young Palestinian Babies and kill them when there were running from their home and took shelter at UN camp.

      -It is the Evangelical Christians and Zionists who voted for Bush/Blair war that created vacuum for the rise of Isis. Under Saddam Husein, his vice president was a Christian and no one is allowed to intimidate any minority group and that is why there are still Christians and Jews in the Muslim majority countries till today except those that accepted bribe from Israel to move to Israel.


      -Muslims lived with Jews and Chrisitans and continue to live with them today.

      -Muslims hired ships to covey persecuted Jews from Europe to the Muslim controlled lands.

      -The USA Christians refused a ship entry to the USA and returned that ship full of persecuted Jews from Europe back to Europe and some of the Jews ended up in the holocaust.

      -Most Jews will thank Muslims for this till today. Rabbi Tovia Singer, Botheik etc. even though Zionists Jews will acknowledge this and than Muslims. It is a fact no one can erase.

      I have more facts, videos and links that I have posted here several times.

      Saudi Arabia is for the Arabs there and not for Muslims. It is only the Holy Places that Muslims can claim and the Saudis can refuse Muslims visas which they sometimes do.

      To equate what some Saudis to all Muslims is unfortunate. Talking about worse sex offenders is the Church Fathers, Pastor Jimmy Swaggart, Pastor Eddie Lee Long and many more. I will not say what they do is for all Christians and Jews have their sex offenders do as well. Hindus, Sikhs etc. all are human beings and are not immune to sins.


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