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“Jesus was a Jew preaching Judaism to other Jews.”

Reza Aslan

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  1. If you squeezed him into a decent suit, shirt and tie, and employed a good barber, I think you’ll find he’ll get along with everyone. Oh, and maybe lose the stare? There are ways and means to adjust without great effort and expense. He might even get a well paid job.


  2. Since Gabriel won’t enter a Muslims home if there are images, does that mean images on a computer in a Muslim’s home is acceptable? What is the ruling on this?


  3. I have a low opinion of Reza Aslan,since he uses vulgar,foul language,against those who disagree with him.And he is supposed to be an intellectual?

    In reality a pseudo-intellectual.He is against those who oppose the anti-human rights regime in Iran.Aslan is Iranian.

    He became a Christian at 15,then changed back to Islam.And he is married to Jessica Jackley,who says she is a real,believing Christian,but is not.

    I am sure Aslan knows about his wife’s scam against the poor.

    Jackley is cofounder of Kiva,in 2005. A non-profit organization that has got 700 million dollars since 2005 from donors.

    Kiva is a scam,it is a website where you can go,donate money(as a small loan,you will be repaid) to poor entrepreneurs in poor countries.

    Jackley says Kiva is a peer to peer loan website.A lie.

    She makes you believe you are DIRECTLY lending money to a poor person,so he can start a microbusiness.

    What she doesn’t say is it is a Kiva PARTNER(and Kiva says it is not guilty if the partner does something bad)in that country who receives the money.

    The donor to Kiva THINKS the poor person doesn’t pay interest on the loan,or pays little.Jackley DOESN’T say the poor person almost always has to pay a 100 PERCENT INTEREST on the loan.

    So most people think she is a Saint.

    The Kiva partner charges the 100% interest.If the poor person gets $100 from you to start a mini-restaurant,he has to earn $200 in a year.So studies have shown Kiva has ZERO IMPACT on eliminating poverty.

    Would anybody in the West borrow $2,000 to start a mini-restaurant,at 100% interest rate?Never,at most 20% interest rate.

    Here is an article on the Kiva fraud:


  4. Voltaire said on people of colour that with such unsophisticated air, wide noses, round eyes, thick lips and such wool over their heads, etc. they could not possibly have been made in the image of God. Little did he know the (supposedly) divine Jesus may have looked very much like that.


  5. Oh Lassie, always exposing your Google research every time you open your mouth! You fool, just because one webite criticizes Qaradawi does not mean he is “dividing” the Muslim world! He is actually a well-respected scholar.

    Speaking of deflection, one does notice that the topic has nothing to do with the hadith about Gabriel entering a home with an image, but the historical truth that your so-called “lord” and “savior” was nothing more than a Middle Eastern prophet who preached the oneness of God. Always running from the truth, eh Lassie? Chasing your tail in an endless loop? Lol!!!

    So again, read what an actual scholar says, not what you learned from your pathetic research on Google.


  6. To Burhanuddin:

    You said:

    “Is that all you have to offer? Ad hominem? Low.”

    An Ad Hominem is low is low if it is untrue.

    A)Islam is not a race,but a religious ideology,so to make it equivalent to anti-Semitism,or any kind of racism,like Aslan does,shows intellectual deficiency.

    It is like saying to Nazism is a race.

    Here Aslan said in Twitter(2015):

    “Dear Islamophobes: Your Racism Is Putting Us All In Danger”

    If somebody is for,outlawing Islam in a country,it has nothing to do with race,but with an ideology.

    In the same way,outlawing Nazism in a country,has nothing to do with discrimination against a race,but it refers to a political ideology.

    B.Aslan has a history of saying “shit”, “F–cking”,”dumbass”,”idiot”,”ass”,

    “fu–king stupid” ,”shut the f-ck up”,in Twitter to people who disagree with him:

    Aslan is not interested in a real debate of ideas,in order to learn if he is wrong or not on this or that.

    C.As I said before,his wife Jessica Jackley says she really believes in Jesus,she identifies herself as a Christian.

    I had ALWAYS been amazed that such a woman would marry a man of such vulgarity and lack of intellectual integrity,she supports him:

    But then I learned the truth about her company called Kiva and,as I said before,Jessica Jackley is guilting of scamming Westerners and poor people in underdeveloped countries,so that explains why she doesn’t care about his vulgar treatment of others.


  7. Jesus was a Muslim preaching Islam to other Bani Israelis who were Jews.”


  8. Good post but the Reza Aslan quote isn’t entirely accurate. Jesus was indeed a Jew but he wasn’t preaching Judaism, he preached the Gospel which is the good news about the Kingdom of God.


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