No. 1 in tolerance

“In the history of the prophetic biblical canon that starts with Genesis, the Koran is by far the most tolerant of the views of other religions.”

Reza Aslan

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  1. Not a good thing


  2. See this excellent post on reddit /r/islam about religious freedom and the Qur’an

    He basically gives a huge list of verses on each one of these topics,

    1. Differences in people’s beliefs are bound to happen

    2. Judgement between people in their differences in belief is in the Day of Resurrection and not in this earthly world

    3. Compulsion and coercion is, in addition to being forbidden, the way of the unbelievers and believers are its victims

    4. The Human being is free and responsible for his actions

    5. Obligation to use the mind, to think and ponder, and prohibition from blindly following the religion of one’s parents (meaning religion should come from personal conviction)

    6 The purpose of Prophets and Mesengers is to give a clear warning, without any type of compulsion or coercion, since they aren’t guardians and watchers over people

    7 Having a different religion does not prohibit kindness and justice

    Be sure to let me know what you think about that list @Paul

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