Gospel contradictions – divinely inspired?


When was Jesus born?

The New Testament’s infancy narratives—the only biblical records of Jesus’ birth and the events surrounding it—differ from and contradict one another. This video looks at a few of the differences and contradictions.


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  1. I’ll go with Luke. Non biblical sources are unreliable, incomplete and too far removed from the events to constitute a serious credible option.

    I’m not going to follow these so-called scholars like sheep down the garden path.


  2. You’re setting me up. ok How?

    We have two geneologies, you have none. 2-0, sorry you lost the match. No contest.


  3. I’m very interested to see a christian comment about this video!
    Would they go with ( confusion theory ) as dr Licona did ? I’m wondering!

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  4. Hi Abdullah
    I’ll be back going to bed I give some food for thought in the morning.


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