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  1. I can see clearly that Quran has really come to confirm of what earlier scriptures say in a broad sense.

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    • But Ken Temple said Jesus is God Man and blamed me of being goofy for not believing God can be man like Emperor Haile Selaissie, Sai Baba, Buddha etc. He believes God can reveal Himself to humans but he does not know at a particular point in time God revealed Himself as Hindu God, Rastafarian God, The Gods of Mormons, etc. including entering His creations as a creature to reveal Himself as a voodoo God-Snake.

      His defence here will be the man part of God did this and the God part of Jesus did that and unite the parts and separate them as wish. We will not accept that impossibilities and cheating us with an impossibilities here.

      God Man?

      My Ass.



    • I am saying this because Trinitarians have no defence with regards to the above except to “force” us to accept Jesus is God Man which no one is prepared to accept and considers it impossibility except Trinitarians, Rastafarians, Hindus, Mormons etc. or other man worshiping and idol pagans who believe as such.



    • “My Ass”? I am shocked.


    • At least he was polite at the end by saying ‘thanks’ that is more than can be said of some individuals on this blog (Bobby, Sammy etc…)

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  2. I typed it but regret posting it. I as a human being sometimes stray out and act on emotions. It is good to realize you are wrong. I am wrong to use that word but I repent and ask for forgiveness from anyone.


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  3. But I thought the words attributed to Jesus in johns gospel are not historical? Strange that you appeal to them when it suits your agenda but are quick to dismiss them when it doesn’t.


  4. In the beginning was the word. The word was with God and the word was God. John 1:1.



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