Same old one God, three gods.



“It’s a very confusing era that we’re in.” Clint Eastwood

Priest: What’s confusing you this week? 

Frank: Same old one God, three gods. 

Priest: Frankie, most people figure out in kindergarten, it’s all about faith. 

Frank: Is it sort of like snap, crackle and pop all rolled up in one big box? 

Priest: You’re standing outside my church comparing God to Rice Crispies? The only reason you come to mass everyday is to wind me up. It’s not going to happen this morning. 

Frank: Well, I’m confused. 

Priest: No you’re not, 

Frank: Yes I am. 

Priest: Then here is your answer: there is one God. Anything else? ‘Cause I’m busy. 

Frank: What about the Holy Ghost? 

Priest: He’s the expression of God’s love. 

Frank: And Jesus? Priest: Son of God. Don’t play stupid. 

Frank: What is he then; does that make him a demi-God? 

Priest: There are no demi-gods, you xxxxing pagan.

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  1. Wow I never heard about this dialogue… now Im a fan of Clint Eastwood 😉

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    • This type of critical scene, targeted at certain religions and beliefs, is not uncommon in American Movies. The Question is what sort of influences within Hollywood, might encourage or compel script writers to include such scenes? hmmmmm………….


  2. What about a real show ? Shall we!
    Listen to this please.


  3. Clint trolling the priest hard

    Interestingly enough subordinationism was an earlier belief prior to Nicea so Jesus may well have been considered as some sort of demigod by some as he was considered subordinate to the Father.

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