Our Father, Our King, We did NOT sin before you; We have made mistakes, but it is none of your business!


It is Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Hebrew calendar, and I am sat with a group of fellow travellers – the only type of people I want to be sat with, not only on Yom Kippur but all year round – chanting along with the service leaders words of introspection and songs of reflection. We are sat together, we are singing together, but we are each on our own journeys, journeys that are to take us from where we are to where we want to be.

Yom Kippur translates as The Day of Atonement, but it is not atonement that I am after. Atonement is for sins, but I have none. Atonement is by someone, for someone else, but I do not need anyone to atone for me. I do not need that kind of help, for I can manage perfectly fine on my own.

“Our Father, our…

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  1. Although I don’t agree with everything in the article, (for instance the idea expressed in the title itself) I do think that the article seems to express why the Judeo-Christian concept of Atonement leaves the human soul unfulfilled and needing more. This applies more so to the Christian assertion of Atonement “by the cross.”

    It is the need for sound assurance that we can still achieve salvation and the comfort of being forgiven after having made mistakes (sin), that the soul truly seeks. While the author of the article seems to be somewhat confused about what Atonement means in his own Jewish faith, it remains clear that only in Islam, are we assured that salvation is ultimately achieved through the mercy and forgiveness of Almighty God Allah (swt)!

    So take comfort, and put your faith in Allahu Ghafirun – THE One who is All FORGIVING!!

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