Aisha’s Thawb: Missionary Deception Unveiled [Part 2]

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In this second part on Thawb, we are going to look at a Hadith report that is mistranslated/mistranslated by missionaries, they do this in order to spread lies against Prophet Muhammed’s character. In previous piece we showed from Arabic-English Lexicons and other historical reports, that the Hadith that was misrepresented was actually speaking about a “blanket” or “sheet” that the Prophet covered himself with.

In this second article on the word thawb, the report Christian missionaries mistranslated is the following:

From Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2393
Volume Title, “Grace and its Virtues.”
Chapter Title, “What was Granted to the Companions and the Wives.”
Narrated by Ismail, narrated by his brother, narrated by Sulaiman, narrated by Hisham ibn Urwah, narrated by his father, narrated by Aisha who related that the wives of the prophet were divided into two groups. One group consisted of Aisha, Hafsa, Safiya and Sawdah while the other…

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