Aisha’s Lihaaf (Blanket), Cross Dressing Lie

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This is a continuation of articles on the claim made by Christian missionaries that Prophet Muhammed (p) wore his wife’s clothes. In the previous two piece articles, which can be seen here and here, we covered details surrounding the Arabic word thawb and how the Hadith was classically understood. We have also seen from other historical reports that which the Prophet (p) was covering himself with was a “sheet”, or “blanket” of Aisha.

In this article we will respond and refute the lie on a certain Hadith, we will uncover the depth missionaries go to, to lie and deliberately mistranslate and deceive readers to degrade the impeccable character of Muhammed (p).

Read how the following Arabic Hadith report is translated into English by missionaries:

From Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 3941
Volume Title, “The Book of Virtues.”
Chapter Title, “The Virtues of Aisha.”
Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abdel Wahab, narrated…

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  1. Masha’Allah Tabarak Allah!
    May Allah reward you and bless in this life and hereafter.
    May Allah Al hayy Al Qayyum bless you with more light and knowledge!
    Keep up the good work, brother.


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