Marriage: Angels and Popes

Shalom, Salam,
I wrote this on my blog some time ago. When I was asked by someone what the purpose of marriage is. I think it would be interesting for Muslims too, for to the best of my knowledge in Islam there’s an emphasis on marriage. In contrast to the Church and other Eastern sects who discourage marriage for spiritually elevated people.
Here it is, enjoy!


What is the Jewish perspective on marriage? Why does Judaism put such an emphasis on marriage and family? When looking at different religious icons, contemporarily and historically, we realize a behavior of abstention of physical engagements and celibacy. The obvious explanation being, that spiritual people should spend their days in prayer, meditation and elevated activities. An intimate relationship would not only be a distraction from all the above but a direct involvement with the earthy world they are so desperately running away from. So why is it that all great Jewish teachers, prophets, priests[1] and sages, married and bore children? Would they not be better off spiritually if they would live like their non-Jewish counterparts?

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  1. Thanks for sharing that rabbi.

    I don’t normally do this, and God knows how many typos I produce, but because it is about God I will mention it.There’s a typo on your piece. You wrote “God reveled Himself” instead of God revealed Himself.

    I’m wondering if you have an words on polygamy and the Prophets on the Hebrew Bible who married more than one woman. I’ve witnessed, to my disgust, a Christian missionary claim they were sinners for doing so. Of course I dismiss these missionaries as arrogant abusers of the Prophets – these Christian critics aren’t fit enough to strap the sandals of a Prophet p.

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    • Why would that be a sin? That is an ignorant and stupid thing to say. And as you said disgusting .Abraham had at least 3 wives. Jacob had 4. David had many more than that. And the Bible in Deuteronomy (should be around chapter 22) discusses the laws of inheritance regarding someone who has two wives, it’s not a sin at all.
      Although most Jews today don’t marry more than one wife because there were a lot of jealousy and serious issues. But a sin?
      Thanks for the correction. And btw I’m not a rabbi, Salam to you

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    • Great to read that statement affirming the Muslim(and clearly also Jewish) position on the Prophets. A very important statement defending the honour of the Prophets for our Christian friends to keep in mind the next time one of their apologists makes such a slanderous comment. Thanks.

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    • Jesus affirmed monogamy, as taught at creation. That is why christians don’t practice polygamy. Obviously a Rabbinic Jew and Muslim, both of whom reject Jesus and his teachings, would come to a different conclusion.


    • And the prophets lived in the epoch after the fall, once sin had entered. Ergo, their example is not perfect and should not automatically be modelled. Unless you are Muslim, of course.

      So Christians follow what the (sinless) Jesus taught about the (sinfree) creation. Muslims and Jews follow what the (sinful) humans did after the fall.


    • okay, I rather go with Abraham, Jacob and David, and what is the clear implication of the Torah discussing the laws of polygamy… as we already know your book is called the NEW testament. completely new, not related to the tradition of our forefathers.

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    • Paulus, I’m not sure whether you are trying to provoke reactions or being serious.

      I don’t want to argue and I don’t think it is fair for you to try and take the discussion in a more antagonistic direction. I doubt Mozer G is looking to engage in that type of discussion.

      However, you don’t appear to have agreement amongst Christians on this topic. I know Bart Ehrman thinks the Bible is contradictory on polygamy but I did glean a quote from this blog a while back concerning Martin Luther. Martin Luther did not think polygamy was forbidden by Jesus judging by the quote I put in this video

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    • Mozer- then surely you should understand the Christian position rather than calling it an ignorant and stupid thing?

      Yahya, i notice you don’t accuse mozer of provocation. Why is that? Because he affirmed your bias? Your facade is easily unmasked. And what did Jesus teach?


    • you’re right, that i should be interested in the Christian position. however, my response was to the following statement from a missionary as related by Yahay
      “…the Prophets on the Hebrew Bible who married more than one woman. I’ve witnessed.. a Christian missionary claim they were sinners for doing so.” to that I say.. stupid and ignorant. if you want to tell me ‘your’ thoughts or the philosophy of the church no problem, i would love to hear. but don’t stain the name of the prophets by inventing new ideas.

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  2. Shalom Mozer, another insightful post. Toda Raba.

    I just want to ask something I have pondered many times. Do you think it is odd that a rabbi in 1st century Palestine was un-married? Yes I mean Prophet Isa Al Masih or greek Jesus Christos. The Qur’an do not say anything about his marital status , but I think it is not implausible to suggest that He should have been married like any other rabbis of his time. What is your opinion?

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    • Abraham Isaac Jacob Moses David Solomon Isaiah all the twelve sons of Jacob Saul All righteous kings of Judah… and on and on, were all married all the rabbis preceding Jesus were married. the few that weren’t were shunned.
      if he was a man of God like Muslims and Christians believe it would be strange that he wasn’t married.

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    • Yes, I surely think the same way, Islam teaches that marriage important part and a religious duty, so important that even prophet Muhammad says marriage is half the religion.

      It is strange to imagine that a jewish rabbi, man of God wasn’t married.

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