1 Corinthians 11:14



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  1. is it because women have natural long hair?


  2. but the “logos” was originally sophia

    In Greek circles there were religions that maintained that Sophia was indeed a divine being. She (the word Sophia in Greek is feminine, so the divine being is always imagined as female) is especially prominent in forms of Gnosticism. But Sophia also came to be thought of as a (subservient) divine being in Jewish circles as well. Speculation on Sophia begins with the Hebrew Bible, especially Proverbs 8. Read it and you’ll see: “Wisdom” is said to have been with God in the beginning when he created all things, and to have participated with God in the creation (since he made all things using his wisdom). In fact, she is said to be the master creator herself through whom God created and even God’s consort in the beginning. In some Jewish circles Sophia, then, came to be thought of as not simply something people have, but as a divine hypostasis that is in the world. This view probably came to influence the Gospel of John, for whom a male hypostasis – the Logos (or “Word”) – was with God in the beginning, was himself God, yet was distinct from God, and was the one through whom all things were made (see John 1:1-3).



  3. For those who are interested,
    Many prophes have been described in hadiths. Two of them are Moses & Jesus peace be upon them.
    Moses resembled the people of AZD, a tribe in southern of Saudi Arabia today. Jesus resembled the companion of the prophet whose name Urwah ibn Mas’ud Al Thaqafi. The hair of Jesus has been described in many hadiths. It’s with the level of his ears( لمة ). Also, his hair looks as if he just took a shower.
    Moses & Jesus are closer to Arab appearance. They resembled people from Azd and Thaqif .


  4. I like that Jesus is clearly caucasian in this pic. Christians are embarrassed that Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew. He looked much more like Muhammad than Jay Smith lol.

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    • No offense to Prophet Jesus but if these forensic Scientists are correct, then I think Prophet Muhammad must have surely looked much more handsome based on the accounts. The Real Face of Jesus- Forensic science reveals the most famous face in history.


      The fact is that no one alive today knows how the Prophets actually looked and that is best, because it is not for their looks that we love honor and revere them, but for the righteous examples they set while in the service of Almighty God, Allah.


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