The poetry of preaching

Maybe it’s the approaching Christmas spirit. But I’m rather amazed by the creative bloomers some personally experienced Christians do come up with.

I cut and pasted this little sentimental piece together from some recent comments posted on this blog.

“Speaking is the only way
to communicate
both equality in essence,
but difference in role and person.

A divine promise sworn to,
signed for,
and sealed in the blood.

Persons within God
appearing to humans
via visible forms
nothing else on earth
or in the heavens
can replicate.

Pre-existence of the Son
into eternity past
that can be grasped
by human senses.

Encompass instances
of a Person within God,
speaking from the vantage
of a range
which lacks that information.

One who was without
a stain or blemish,
whose shed blood
would pay
for sin and redeem
those without hope,
lost and dead in sin.

He withdrew his ability
to be omnipresent.

His flesh, of course,
his humanness,
strengthened in its perfection
the fact he chose
to limit his knowledge
while simultaneously
possessing that information
in another range.”


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4 replies

  1. “Speaking is the only way
    to communicate
    both equality in essence,
    but difference in role and person.”

    i thought a role was less than a person , but the commander who commands has power and authority over the commanded. power, authority and control.


  2. if a dog lives in east ham and a christian lives in london, imagine if the christian left his human nature in london and fully experienced through his person the feelings of being a dog, thinking like a dog, hearing like one, learning like one etc etc

    now if one says “he is fully human and fully animal”

    in what sense?

    is the human nature still a conscious person? hold on, his person left the human nature and took on animal nature

    so does a human nature run (remain alive) even when it is personless ?

    if each natures have persons within them, then we have created 2 separate persons with two different natures .

    notice that christians see the divine nature as detachable ?

    disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.

    notice that when they are cornered they have to reattach and create 2 separate persons ?


    • if the christian mind became dog mind in what sense is the christian mind still human?

      if the dog mind became human mind , in what sense is the dog mind animal?


    • a person

      Philosophy. a self-conscious or rational being.


      now how does a self conscious christian through it being fully aware of it being a human fully experience an animal through its self conscious person?

      does that make any sense?


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