British Woman Experiencing Spiritual Regeneration



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  1. Anyone who puts away any biased preconceived notions they might have previously held, while sincerely opening their heart and mind, immersing the self in the Islamic Call, and who hears the beautiful recitation and message of Qur’an will at some point find that, like the woman in the video, they are overwhelmed with the divine power of that experience. If that same person continues to seek God with passion, devotion, sincerity, and honest intentions the seeker will find solace, comfort, reassurance, peace, guidance, and spiritual regeneration, and ultimately salvation through Islam.

    It is something that one must experience personally in order to truly understand the extent of its full effect on the nature of the person both inwardly and outwardly.

    I pray that those who are sincere seekers may come know the full expanse of this deep spiritual experience through acceptance of Islam. Ameen.

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  2. It was probably the first time she has travelled. Many new experiences seem beautiful at first. Live with it everyday, as I did, and I can sure you that it looses its *beauty*


    • A hard and closed heart, blinded by the evangelical mission will never see the beauty of Islam in its full extent.

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    • I reckon I’ve seen more of Islam that you can imagine from your western little masjid bubble


    • Paulus,
      No matter where you live in the world, you will never be able to see anything that is true and beautiful about Islam, as long as your irrational hate and bias blind you.

      Unlike you, I am not incapable or afraid to admit that I have seen things that are nice and beautiful about Christianity, but I have also seen many things that are the complete opposite and yet are still very Christian.

      Your one sided polemics against Islam undermines your credibility. You seem to have learned nothing, and have experienced no personal growth from living in an Islamic country. What a waste.

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    • “Live with it everyday, as I did, and I can sure you that it looses its *beauty*”

      Yes we can see your “Spiritual Regeneration” got lost.

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    • Paulus: Spiritual degeneration more like


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