The Catholic Church is freaking out about fidget spinners

Is the toy an apt representation of the holy Trinity or is it heresy?


I’m not Catholic, and much of my exposure to Catholicism begins and ends with pat, film-length characterizations of the religion. I had a vague idea of what the holy Trinity meant, and represented, but after days spent researching, it seems there isn’t much clarity. Even for people who’ve spent their whole lives steeped in the faith. “My grandparents never explained it in a satisfactory way,” one lapsed Catholic acquaintance recounted, “like, ‘three but one.’” Another added, “My mom told me the reason Catholics liked the Trinity so much was because they respected women. She later admitted she was lying.” A third asked, “Is this about fidget spinners?”

The unknowability of the holy Trinity is intentional: It’s one of the central mysteries of the Catholic faith. God is the father, the son, and the holy spirit, but exists as a single divine nature. It’s commonly expressed visually through a diagram known as the Shield of the Trinity, which illustrates that while the son, holy spirit, and the father are all God, they are distinct from one another. Different interpretations and methods of teaching the Trinity flirt with polytheism and heresy, but that hasn’t stopped a new trend from emerging in more progressive swathes of the faith: trying to teach kids about the holy Trinity using fidget spinners, the new, ubiquitous, and seemingly inventor-less toy that has seen recent explosive popularity.




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  1. That some Priests and Ministers are willing to make their faith seem “cool” to kids by comparing the Trinity to a fidget spinner just highlights the fact that there are no quality controls in a slowly dying Christianity given that such Christians are willing to stretch the boundaries of what is acceptable in order take advantage of the latest fads and trends to attract new young followers…. even if that means engaging in the heresy of Partialism.

    On the fidget spinners that I have seen the three outer weights are easily removable, and separated from the whole which clearly symbolizes Tri-theism, and given that they are interchangeable, it must surely symbolize polytheism. Sounds like the perfect toy for all the Christians kiddies. 🙂

    Alhamdullilah. Muslims are satisfied with not making any comparisons with Allah!!

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  2. Holy fidget spinners???

    It surely is a kind of Shirk/Polytheism: associating anything with God Almighty: 1st degree sin God Forbids!



  1. The Catholic Church is freaking out about fidget spinners | kokicat

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