Disproving Total Depravity



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  1. You would never see this happen today.

    The integrity, kindness, and moral rectitude that Jonas Salk displayed is much needed in todays corrupt, corporate, profit driven world.

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  2. That’s why even though Islam is the truth, we can not fully judge anyone.

    This is not to say that Jonas Salk is going to heaven but only that we cannot compare people that easily for there are multiple variables affecting how people are.

    The biggest reason that Muslims are Muslims is because they are born as such….thus we cannot attribute goodness to those born as Muslims and we cannot say that born Muslims are better than those who are born as nonMuslims.

    We cannot make ultimate judgements on anyone including converts to Islam since we don’t know their intentions and we don’t know how they will be for the rest of their lives.

    But inshallah we wish the best for Muslim converts and for all.

    All praise is to God. La ilah illa Allah


  3. My first (and probably last) ‘like’ of a Paulus comment.


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