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  1. True. Inb4 Christians whine about that being subjective and calling it boring and rambling and incoherent (like them).

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  2. Amazing Qur`an, Subhanallah!


  3. > The more you listen to anything the more boring it gets.

    This is not true. I have my favourite books, movies, and music that I listen to over and over. Every year in my city at Christmas thousands of people go to a concert hall to listen to Handel’s Messiah. People listen repeatedly to lots of things.


    • what is your favourite book (apart from the Bible). How many times have you read it?


    • Since you have time to read and listen to all these human products, then I encourage you to spend some time with the English translation of Qur’an. Read and reflect.

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    • The Bible is my favourite book that I have come to love more and more. The books I have read several times are biographies like White Gold and First Light.


    • abdullah1423

      Time is certainly the issue. I read the Qur’an Mon-Fri most weeks.

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    • thanks Samuel. I asked you which books apart from the Bible. You were very vague on these. ‘White Gold’? Is this a book? What is it about. Who is the author. You read it just several times (2-3 times?) That is very few really.

      People read the Quran endlessly their whole lives and still find it increasing fascinating. I bet you would get increasingly fed up and bored with your favourites. They are just limited human books after all.



  1. The more you listen to anything the more boring it gets. But with the Quran the more you listen to it the more amazing it gets. SubhanAllah! | kokicat

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