Evangelical Fundies – deluded or liars?


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  1. I think they are liars. They have no excuse for this blind and stupid preaching which has nothing to do with the real history, especially in this era where you can access to the true information easily.
    Look at them when they teach about the “inerrancy of the bible”, yet in the same time they believe it got changed and some passages in it are not true historically. The correct word to describe its status then is to say it got( corrupted).

    ( A party of the people of the book would fain lead you astray, whereas in truth they lead none astray except themselves, but they do not realize it) QT.

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    • Which is why evangelicalism is a moronic ideology. Yes, we got it.

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    • “In evangelical terms”
      This is exactly the point! You have to invent nonsense new terms to hide your lies behind as the councils of Roman did with your trinity. However and at the end of the day, you cannot hide the sun with your hand, so the final result that you are liars. You are just deceiving yourself.

      …..whereas in truth they lead none astray except themselves..) QT.

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    • Hahahaha, as usual, Cerbie resorts to deflecting to Islam when faced with another neutering!

      Your book has forged verses. The Quran does not. Ergo, Christianity has been falsified.

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    • Yes!!! Paulus is back. Finaly some more bitchslapping after all those days of not being able to bitchslap cross worshipers.
      So what’s new in your potato religion paulus?


    • “Atlas- I assume you like to smack down people the way muhammad did to Aisha?”
      Oh poor little cross worshiper. We know you worship a false god (not even Jesus) that was so filthy and sick that he went to a woman’s private part and stayed in a womb for 9 months.
      But I just prefer to kill them all, including women and children/babies like the good pagan god of the comicbook orders his followers to do. I just killed my cat last night all for yahweh/jesus. He must be so proud of me. Time to send a couple of bears to a school’s play ground so they can devour kids in the name of love.

      “You mean like 1354 accepted differences between the Hafs and Warsh version”
      You know full well that this (“differences) is due to 7 ahrufs. The Prophet himself allowed this.
      Now show us where Jesus allowed 4 different ‘gospels’ as scriptures. Men that came hundreds of years later said it would be the Gospel.
      Your comicbook is pathetic and your own biblescholars are ripping it to pieces as we speak.

      “So, let’s see these forged verses little forbidden piglets”
      Mark 16:9-21
      Luke 23:34
      John 3:7
      John 7:53 to 8:11
      John 21

      just to name a few.

      And this is the potato book that the cross worshipers want us to believe in.

      I can already feel the mental gymnastics incoming of trying to justify the above corruptions and just straight up be in denial about the ahrufs and insist they are variant readings.
      We have multiple readings whereas you do not.


    • “John 3:7”
      Woops, my bad.
      I meant to say 1 John 5:7


    • Hahahaha, see Cerbie? See how easy it was for Atlas to destroy your Bible? You need to understand that the house of your Canaanite god has already collapsed!


    • LOL, here comes the usual whining and deflections.

      “Who forged them”? Are you kidding? That’s why they are forgeries, idiot! Some unknown person inserted or changed those verses for theological reasons. And don’t pretend like you know something we don’t. The scholarly research has established without a doubt that your Bible is a corrupted book. No use trying to hide it.

      Oh yeah, and stop googling the Quran and the seven ahruf. You’re making a fool of yourself.


    • 1 John 5:7 was added centuries later. It is not found in the early Greek manuscripts.
      Pretty much the same story for the other added potato verses. So there is your proof.
      No point trying to bring up Ehrman as if that brings doubt to anything. Your own bible scholars admit this. That 1 John 5:7 is a forgery was known centuries before Ehrman was born.
      Quran being revealed in 7 ahrufs is something you and your ilk have a lot of trouble understanding.
      The Prophet himself allowed it. We don’t care whether you accept that or not.

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    • As I suspected, Cerbie has no idea what he is talking about. Googling will do that.

      So now you want to forget the “who”, but want to the know the “when”? Same problem, dummy! We don’t know who the people were or when they made the changes. We just know that they did because the manuscripts show the evidence. That’s why they are called forgeries. The verses were added or changed by persons unknown for theological reasons. Why don’t you just admit that these forgeries exist, instead of asking stupid questions about who, what and when? That’s like denying that a house was burned down by arson despite the evidence, and instead waiting for the identification of the arsonist before you call it arson! You can accept the evidence that it’s arson. Finding the arsonist is secondary and he may or may not ever be found.

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    • My brothers, leave this guy and do not bother correct his misunderstanding, It’s abvious that he does not want to learn or have a serious dialogue.

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    • What you have shown is that you are a brainwashed idiot, and no one needs to care what you think. The fact is that you are well aware of the clear evidence of forgeries (not “variants”), but you pretend like they don’t exist. In contrast, there is no evidence of any change in the Quranic text, and no scholar of repute believes that the Quran has been changed.

      Like I said, your Canaanite god’s house has collapsed. It is now just smoldering ruins. Reasonable people see your religion for what it is. But brainwashed zombies such as yourself are blind to the facts.


  2. “And speak to people good [words]; and establish prayer and give zakah.” (Qur’an 2:83)

    Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
    The Prophet (ﷺ) said,
    “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.” [Muslim].

    The Prophet (ﷺ) said,
    “Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.” [Muslim]

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  3. Who banned Paulus?


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