Forgiveness – the excusing of an offense without a penalty



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  1. that’s REAL forgiveness not I-must-punish-an-innocent-victim-first type of ‘forgiveness’

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    • The mechanism of Salvation as understood in Islam, highlights and magnifies the true power of God’s manifest and loving will to forgive the penitent worshipper, and does not limit or constrict his power to being bound by the false notion of atonement by human sacrifice, or false belief in Trinitarianism.


    • Paulus: God loves, man also loves. So God is just like a man. ?


    • Paulus,

      See this verse also in light of your above comment.

      Matthew 6:14 “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”

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  2. ‘appeasement of wrath’ – primitive, unloving, vengeful deity. Not the God of Mercy & Compassion found in the Quran.

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  3. No Cerbie, Islam believes in a merciful God who forgives and punishes as He wills. There is no “change” involved here. It’s not like your god who has “regrets” for creating mankind or making Saul the king of Israel. 😉


  4. paulus, is human sacrificial ritual like a medication for your god which helps him forget your sins ?

    quote :

    Don’t Christians ever wonder why killing god’s son (whom they believe to have been “god the son,” the second person of the “Trinity”) was not the greatest sin humans could ever commit? Humans killed god?! Isn’t that the greatest sin anyone could possibly dream of ever committing? How could the humans who committed such a deed ever be forgiven except maybe by killing another divine savior to “atone” for killing the first one? And so on and so forth? At some point the cycle of “atonement” has to be broken by direct forgiveness. At some point direct forgiveness, not based on a bloody sacrifice, has to intervene to break the endless loop. Maybe that’s why Jesus himself did not believe that God’s forgiveness depended on a bloody sacrifice

    , but instead taught everyone to pray “in this way…Our Father…Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.” Simple. Direct forgiveness.

    Has any theologian ever been able to demonstrate how “atonement” works, how physical pain unto death of an animal or person makes up for that time I talked back to my mother, or desired my neighbor’s wife or car?

    Sounds exactly like sympathetic magic. Or as comedian Doug Stanhope says, “‘Jesus died for your sins.’ How does one affect the other? I hit myself in the foot with a shovel for your mortgage. I don’t get it.”

    Or as my friend Tony Atkinson once asked, “How do ‘sins’ become something substantial in and of themselves? There are memories of being hurt, but ‘sins’ as substantial entities one can collect together and then place inside a body or soul? How do ‘sins’ become collected and where do they exist apart from being past acts? Are ‘sins’ the ‘bad’ memories of God? Do such memories ‘soil’ God’s mind? And he has to dispose of them? Is killing his own son a form of forgetfulness, a means of dissolving such memories? None of this makes sense.”

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  5. Paulus

    Punishing sin? Are you in your right sense? Sin is abstract and sin is not a human being, person, animal or a living thing that can be punished. It is a human being, animal or a living thing that can be punished. Thinking of punishing sin is like thinking of punishing bad, good, walking, sitting, sleeping etc. and all the verbs or the work we do.

    Can you punish your work? No, It is a living thing that can be punished. Human beings, demons, donkeys, elephants etc. can be punished and get pain. It is humans that God punishes not their sins because their sins are abstract and not human beings to be punished.

    It is human beings that your Jesus will put in hell fire, not their sins, so saying “sin is punished” by Christians is a further confusion in their religion.

    Paulus, what do you mean by the statement below? It is unintelligible.

    “Without the appeasement of wrath, Islam creates a deity who changes and is a victim. Ergo, he/she is not god.”


  6. Paulus
    February 20, 2018 • 6:53 am
    Non sequiter Paul. Punishing sin is called justice.

    Please address my point

    I say;
    In any justice system whether human justice or God’s justice, it is the person that sins who gets punished not the sin because the sin itself is abstract and cannot be punished.

    Where there is forgiveness, it is also the HUMAN BEING/PERSON that is forgiven but not “forgiveness” is set free of charge because forgiveness cannot be forgiven. I hope and pray Christians will understand this simple fact and stop confusion themselves but come to Islam because Prophet Mohammed was sent by God just like the other prophets to correct human beings.


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