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  • Goethe’s Jesus


        “Jesus in silence His pure heart With thought of one sole God did fill ; They who Himself to God convert Do outrage to His holy will.” Johann Wolfgang (von) Goethe, “West-Eastern Divan” Johann Wolfgang (von) Goethe August 1749 – 22 March 1832… Read More ›

  • The pretended Triune God


    Trinitarian missionaries tell us non-trinitarians we have to believe in their  “Triune God”. “God is three persons in one being …” Or “one being in three persons”. Basically 3 in 1. We have all heard it before. Sometimes we are shown… Read More ›

  • Why God cannot have a son


    “So the Muslim seeks clarification of the teaching and asks at every step: “How could that be so?” For example, we insist that the term “Son of God” cannot have a literal interpretation. Sonship and divine nature would be necessary… Read More ›