Jesus and God sitting together


In a recent post Professor Dale points out some ways in which Jesus differs from God, in the portrayals of the New Testament:

…only Jesus has a god over him, prays to God, doesn’t know certain things, only does what he sees God doing, is sometimes unable to do a miracle, fears the future, submits his will to God, has faith in God, is tempted, dies, is raised by God from the dead, serves as the mediator between humans and God, and calls *someone else* “the only true God.”

I can think of passages in the gospels that are referred to for each of these points.

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  1. “Dad have you seen the lovey dove, it’s about this big?”
    “It flew off that way, said it’s ging to inhabit Shamoun.”
    About time.


  2. Bro please remove that picture.


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