Baby God

Nearly 2000 years ago, unto us a “God” was born in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger and running the universe … Nay! Say, “He is God , [who is] One, God , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor… Read More ›

Einstein on the Universe and God

In an interview published in George Sylvester Viereck’s book Glimpses of the Great (1930), Einstein responded to a question about whether or not he defined himself as a pantheist. He explained: ‘Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not… Read More ›

What Are the Claims of Christ?

by Kermit Zarley Many Christians, mostly Evangelicals, speak of “the claims of Christ.” They usually mean that Jesus claimed things about his identity that are recorded in the New Testament (NT). These people, called “traditionalists,” assert that the greatest claim… Read More ›