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  • What really separates Westerners from Islam?

    One of the more pervasive myths of optimism held by many Muslims is that Westerners are ‘converting to Islam.’ To be sure, some Westerners have and continue to do so. However, this occurs at a far lower rate than needed… Read More ›

  • How British schools are teaching pupils to be atheists

    It has been my recent misfortune to encounter several religious articles and online posts complaining about the schooling system in the United Kingdom. Unfortunate, because as a believer, I counted on them to provide some credible, competent critique. Most fail… Read More ›

  • The Trouble With Muslim Reformists

    As a follower of Islam who takes issue with many aspects of the ‘Islamic’ status quo, I write this article with a heavy heart. I have previously discussed several problematic ‘Islamic’ paradigms which are defended with alarming frequency as being… Read More ›