The rise of BritIslam

A UK newspaper, the Mirror, (actually a tabloid rag) has run a story about a London based Muslim, Sohail Ahmed, headlined,

‘I was a hate preacher who radicalised at least one Brit jihadi but I’ve changed after coming out’.

According to the Mirror Sohail was brought up in an extremist jihadi home where he realized he was gay. This caused massive upset for himself and for his family. You can read the article here.

These days Sohail believes he can be a good Muslim and be sexually active as a gay man. He seems therefore to have gone from one extreme to another. But he has found a powerful ally in The Quilliam Foundation a self styled anti-extremism think tank. It is headed by its founder Maajid Nawaz who is a Muslim.

The Quilliam Foundation have published “In and Out of Extremism” How Quilliam Helped 10 Former Far-Right and Islamists Change by Ruth Manning (Foreword by Maajid Nawaz). On page 37 of the report published this month we read the following:

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 17.07.09

What is ‘modernity’? Surely it consists of those values, attitudes and social policies promoted assiduously by the West. Some call them secular liberal values; in the UK we call them ‘British values’. Muslims are expected to make these (ever evolving) norms normative in their faith.

Here is a helpful list Quilliam might wish to adopt so we can all see at a glance how Muslims should live their lives and make decisions. I hope it captures Quilliam’s aspirations for Islam in the UK,

Firstly, Muslims must accept (or be branded as extreme),

the legitimacy of gay marriage;

the desirability of abortion on demand;

the equality and interchangeability of gender roles;

and the subordination of all religious values to secular ones.

Then, in their private lives only, having given due priority to British values, Muslims may consider other beliefs, such as

the teaching of the Quran:

and Sunnah.

This way a suitably modernised religion – I call it BritIslam  having conformed to the prevailing, though ever shifting, man-made norms of British society as shaped by pressure groups, media and government, can find a comfortable home in the West. Then Quilliam can consider its work well done.

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  1. According to the article, the guy left Islam after being ‘deradicalised’


  2. A friend told me (who heard him speak recently) that he is now happily reconciled to Islam as a sexually active gay man.


  3. some of these former extremist testimonies are interesting actually. Still, I can’t imagine maajid nawaaz successfully stopping anyone from being an extremist; just listening to him would make me want to go the other way!

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  4. On his twitter a week ago he says he calls himself an ‘agnostic deist’ Muslim which I guess is the right direction from not believing in God at all.

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  5. Surely it should be Mosque of England vs BritIslam?


  6. I assume the Old Bill will be knocking on this Suhail guy’s door seen as he claimed to have radicalised 1 person. Or perhaps Obama is sending a drone his way (hope this dude does not live anywhere near me as I hear Obama’s dronbes aren’t the most accurate).

    If neither of those two happen people may just start assuming Douglas Murray is his BF

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  7. “‘I was a hate preacher who radicalised at least one Brit jihadi but I’ve changed after coming out’.

    According to the Mirror Sohail was brought up in an extremist jihadi home …”

    Really? OMG


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