Jum’ah Prayer in Kazakhstan

When the salat time comes, no matter where they are, Muslims bow their heads in adoration to Allah. Some of them are in places of hardship or discomfort, and some in surroundings that are beautiful, stark or strange. Regardless, they give Allah His due, not minding their circumstances. They inspire us all. May Allah reward them.


doing sajdah in the snow, SubhanAllah



praying patiently in the falling snow



an old man says duaa, sitting in the snow.



outdoors in freezing cold weather



child waiting while father prays




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  1. This is spirituality. Their heart like any Muslim who prays daily is spiritual connection to God the creator of all things. It is better than Christians waiting for someone to die and the Holy Spirit come to them without doing anything. God help those who help themselves. I am happy I am a Muslim who is always spiritually connected to God.

    When I fast, I dare not break my fast unless I am sick because my HEART tells me God is with me where ever I am. He sees me and takes care of me. When I do not pray, my HEART tells me I should go and pray and converse with my God straight without any mediator.

    It is idol worshipers who use idols as mediators. Muslims talks direct to God the creator of everything without any mediator.


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