Fraud? Allegations of fake “Conversions” to Christianity for Asylum

Published by Yahya Snow on 30 May 2016.
He writes:

Sadly, a few evangelicals around the world have been conned by these stories of mass conversions of Muslum Asylum seekers from Iran to Christianity in Germany. After a short investigation we can say this appears to be a big con. In Germany, refugees from Iran and Afghanistan get a boost in their asylum application if they convert – they also get help from the German church with their application. It seems as though both groups are taking advantage of each other.
Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:…

How hundreds of Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity to boost their chances of winning asylum in Germany:…

Is Germany’s Refugee Crisis a Muslim Mission Field?
Christian denomination of 3 million says ‘strategic mission’ to convert Muslims:…

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17 replies

  1. If they are only pretending to convert, would it be an example of taqiya? And would they be sinning?


  2. WOW Muslims lying who would have thought. Thanks for exposing the nature of Muslims. More proof that Muslims can not be trusted and should not be allowed to enter into the civilized west.


  3. Listening at around 2:00. Wow not only did you prove that Muslims are liars but you proved that Muslims persecute Christians in they’re natural environments. LOL GOOD JOB

    It never ceases to amaze me how Muslims will cut off their own nose to spite their face lol


  4. Fido and That’s wrong seemed to have missed the irony that these days, the only people who convert to their pagan religion are desperate asylum seekers with nothing to lose, and who don’t actually become good trinitarians! Lol!!! Christianity is starving for converts and will take anyone it seems!

    On a serious note, why is a supposedly secular country like Germany even considering religion in this matter? Is secularism just a smokescreen?

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    • Faiz what you seem to have missed is the irony that Muslims are fleeing MUSLIMS, by the hundreds of thousands. Not only are they fleeing various forms of Islamic paradises but they are not going to other Islamic paradises for refuge. Instead they are fleeing to the KUFFAR.

      Not only are they fleeing Muslims, Islams, and running to the Kuffar for protection and help, but they are also lying in order to do it. Because they know that Muslims, Islam, Allah and his messenger can not protect them.

      See Islam is so bad that not even Muslims want it practiced on them.


  5. Clutching at straws


  6. I worry about such an attitude of suspicion especially as we don’t actually know what the truth is and how people treat refugees who convert sincerely as automatically lying or trying to get into the country.

    Innocent until proven guilty 🙂

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  7. BTW Paul, I hope you will be joining PEGIDA in its fight against Grooming Gangs, Rape, and Police incompetence as well as Nazi’s and Fascist. By joining PEGIDA in its silent march in Rotherham

    They also need Stewards I hope you can volunteer.

    June 4th


  8. I’m against them, thats why I’m not a Muslim and I stand with PEGIDA


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