For the past 3000 years..


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  1. We might have all become a little bit of being lawyers here


  2. Not correct. People have always asked questions.. Right off we can ask, where did these words come from? That can lead to a million more questions. We can ask about ‘image’; what is meant by that? It’s hard to believe Socrates et al accepted such statements as ‘obvious’.


    • Musa
      Are you Muslim? The hadiths say the same thing.

      And I don’t think the picture is a reflection of everyone’s opinion, it’s just showing the shift in people’s attitude’s in recent years, in particular their reactions to the abrahamic religions.


  3. The thing is, when the evidence points to the earth being billions of years old and humans existing for far longer than the Bible states, you can understand why people might question things.


    • I suppose it depends on how people interpret the Bible. Christians and Jews both have provided a multitude of different interpretations from 6,000 year old universe to an old earth (the billions of years one).

      Christians and Jews have also in the past interpreted the Genesis account in a non-literal way take St Augustine and Origen of Alexandria on the Christian side or Philo of Alexandria on the other (sorry Judaism is a subject i know significantly less about).

      The question is understandable as to how Christians, Jews, and Muslims understand their religion in light of science since it is one that is sadly given such terribly simplistic answers in my opinion 😦


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