Liberal modernity in a nutshell.


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  1. Brilliant!

    Paul, I can see this is true but how would you put it in words?

    Is it that truth does not matter and there are no absolute morals and no purpose other than each individual getting the maximum pleasure in this world without harming others?


    • The cartoon hints at the moral relativism that is at the heart of liberal modernist western thought. Each individual’s personal experience of reality matters more, in opposition to understanding reality through real evidence which might indicate a different more collective conclusion. This is important in understanding the mindset of “rationalistic” liberal modernists who wish to “liberate” the individual from traditional thinking, culture, heritage, and ways of life.

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    • In regard to Moral Relativism – Sheikh Hamza Yusuf once said, “If anyone tells you that ‘there are no absolutes,’ try to see the paradox in that statement, in that they are articulating an absolute.”

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  2. Tears, screams and aggressive lobbying managed to remove the status of serious pathology in the case of gender identity disorder and downgrade it to gender dysphoria.
    It doesn’t matter much if one is anatomically male or female, or if every cell in their body has the genetic set specific to their gender, now everyone can be whichever conventional or unconventional gender they choose and love whomever they choose.

    Only a few weeks ago I got to speak to someone who in his middle age decided to self-identify as a woman. He had sex-change surgery (or is it gender reassignment?), hormonal therapy (what’s therapeutic about flooding one’s body with abnormal amounts of hormones?), and about a year of very expensive and horribly painful electrolysis (hair removal), etc. He even got a new birth certificate saying he was born female, which is a lie, but one that validates his view of himself and makes him feel equal to the priviliged cis-gendered people.

    The fact that this transformation/mutilation would not have been possible were it not largely paid for by tax-payer money (or added to debt) or that it causes so much suffering to the body didn’t seem to make him question the legitimacy and morality behind it.

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  3. As someone who identifies as a “modern liberal” I think that it is actually about being self critical, pluralistic and not seeing any one belief system as more correct than others (at least when it comes to practice: practical cultural relativity).

    As a liberal I will fight for the rights of beliefs I strongly disagree with. I might strongly disagree with Islam, for example, but I will fight to death for its right to exist and express itself freely. I might abhor homophobia, but I will not tolerate anyone who wants to silence conservative people who want to express publicly these very ideas. I might be a passionate Zionist, but I will not live in a society in which anti-Zionists are decried as anti semites.

    For me liberalism is about seeing complexity in the universe and realizing that the best way to ensure peaceful coexistence is to allow all ideas to be expressed freely and to be sympathetic to the concerns of every one’s ideological beliefs, regardless of whether or not I buy into it myself!

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