Jonathan Brown | Reshaping the Contemporary Muslim Mind

The American Muslim community is under pressure to conform and let go of its morals and beliefs. Due to the negative climate and constant barrage of Islamophobia, many Muslims lose hope or suffer trauma and anxiety. This session will help up to identify this crisis and offer solutions.



Categories: Islam, Islamophobia, Life in the West

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  1. Incredible talk, every Muslim in the West should watch it! Thanks for finding this golden nugget Paul!

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  2. Say something ignorant against blacks its Racism, Jews it antisemitism, Gays it’s homophobic. And rightly so. However, say something against Muslims its “freedom of speech”

    Looks like “free speech” is not so free for Muslims…

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  3. Muslims need to act on this subject of honour killings. Apparently, there are over a million people a year that are killed in the West with a high percentage of women being killed. Muslims have to help their western friends and educate then that these honour killings are wrong!

    First we have to stop them from killing Millions of Muslims every year but you know baby steps…

    There seems to be a trend here… They do like murder and violence don’t they these “first world” civilisations.


  4. This projection by groups that hate Islam stems from a moral inferiority complex. People like to try and criticise against those groups who have a higher moral code and standard as a way of saying “see they are just as bad as us or worse”. Projection at its finest.


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