The Secret Hijabi

A fascinating story..

J.S. Cherfi

I first wore hijab when I went to the masjid to say my shahada. I had come to the decision I was going to embrace Islam and my friend and I had arranged to go to the masjid on the Friday evening. For me, there wasn’t any doubt when it came to the topic of hijab. In the process of learning about Islam I had researched the hijab – the reasons for wearing it and the evidences behind it. When I realised that the sole, primary basis for wearing the hijab is the fact that Allah commanded believing women to do so in the Qur’an; this in itself was enough for me.
I had come to accept that Islam was the truth, I wasn’t going to pick and choose which parts I embraced. At that time my imaan was so high, I had no doubts about anything and as I…

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