Paul Williams and Lord Rowan Williams: Who Is Jesus In the Eyes of Muslims and Christians?

This is an important discussion because it shows you what can happen when you look beyond low-level internet Christian Islamophobes – a clear-minded dialogue with one of the most prominent Christians in the world today. There are a great number of genuine Christians out there who are open to talking to Muslims, to open those opportunities up Muslims have to start looking beyond internet Christian polemicists and Islamophobes.

Filmed at Emmanuel College, the University of Cambridge.

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  1. When was this?


  2. nice discussion
    i found discussion between Gary Miller and Ahmed Deedat great also

    Islam and Christianity. Ahmed Deedat and Gary Miller south Africa


  3. Talking about dialogue, i saw a christian website 2 weeks ago claiming that Muslims can be considered as Ebionite christians, I discovered another christian website yesterday claiming that Muslims corrupted the teachings of the Quran through the Hadiths, according to them the teachings of the Quran reflects original christianity, they also claim that the Prophet and the Rashidun caliphate formed part of true church of God, on top of that the website contains it’s own commentary of the Quran, that doesn’t mean they consider the Quran as the word of God but simply a Book of resistance against paganism and Heretics….


    • I never expected to see that one day christians would rebuke muslims out of love for the Prophet PBUH….sounds crazy isn’t it? I mean what the heck…


    • Shaad,
      The Christian websites you mentioned may be functioning under a genuine misunderstanding of Islam.

      However, it is also more highly likely that it is an intentional Missionary deceit, which aims to undermine Islam by making the accusation that Muslims have simply misunderstood their own religion for the past 1400 years, and that we are now in need of these benevolent Christians to come and sort everything out for us. Its really a poorly disguised case of “white man’s burden” Christians correcting the uneducated Muslim masses in their own theology.

      Thus there is really no “love” for Prophet Muhammad, coming from these Christians, if there was they would take Islam on its own context, and they would have converted to Islam by now….but they never will because their own traditions and ego are more important to them than the truth that is Islam.

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    • I will agree that there are commonalities between Ebionite Christianity and Islam (i.e. Unitarianism).

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    • Ibn Issam, i tried correcting their views by exchanging emails with them but judging from their reply they seemed really adamant….they did give me lots of materials to study their views by the way, i’ll try to see where is the problem coming from…


  4. Interesting dialogue between Paul and Rowan.



  1. Paul Williams and Lord Rowan Williams: Who Is Jesus In the Eyes of Muslims and Christians? | kokicat

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