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  1. Lol. Paul didn’t say it, I guess.

    I don’t know the actual split among critical scholars for the Pauline authorship of Ephesians.


  2. There is also a message for those masters to


  3. “with as much respect and fear and sincerity of heart just as you would obey Christ”

    So Christ is equivalent to a slave master or God according to this verse?

    As much sincerity to a white slave master who pulled a child from his or her African mother’s arms….and respect them and fear them and have sincere heart towards them!!!

    And this verse is supposed to be inspired by God???

    And Christ is supposed to be God or Son of God but Christ is at same level of a White slave master over innocent black children taken into slavery?


    Of course Jesus is not God or Son of God for that is preposterous in terms of logic but this verse also refutes the illogical idea since it would be blasphemous to put a racist, cruel, tyranical slave master at the level of God.

    Deeply offensive to God…to truth…to goodness to have theology that Christ is God but equivalent ot a slave master..

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  4. This is obviously referring to the working relationship.

    Both the slave and his master have to obey God’s laws.


    • And you are obviously just a lying idiot who is too embarrassed at his Bible’s barbarity. The New Testament did not allow for any chance of freedom for a slave because the slave is simply required to obey the master in every way. He is a piece of property, nothing else.



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