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The Canonization of al-Bukhārī and Muslim: The Formation and Function of the Sunnī Ḥadīth Canon by Jonathan AC Brown. This is his doctoral dissertation.  The blurb states: The two ‘Authentic’ ḥadīth collections of al-Bukhārī and Muslim are the most famous books… Read More ›

Reflections on 10 Hadith

Paul Williams reads from Charles Le Gai Eaton’s “The Book of Hadith – Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad from the Mishkat al-Masabih” and gives his own unique insight and commentary on these. Filmed at London Central Mosque, Regents Park on… Read More ›

The Night of Power

  Laylat Al Qadr or the “Night of Power” is the holiest night of the year. It commemorates the night in the holy of month Ramadan when the Qur’ān was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, beginning with the exhortation, “Read!”… Read More ›