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    Professor Jonathan A.C. Brown discusses the hadith “I have been ordered to fight against the people…”


  2. An important remark by the great Syrian scholar al-Buti which Jonathan forgot to shed some light on: (he’s speaking about Q9:29, but this applies to this hadith as well since it mentions qitāl and not qatl)


    الآية أمرت بالقتال لا بالقتل، وقد علمت الفرق الكبير بين الكلمتين … فأنت تقول: قتلت فلاناً، إن بدأته بالقتل، وتقول: قاتلته، إذا قاومت سعيه إلى قتلك بقتل مثله، أو سابقته إلى ذلك كي لا ينال منك غرة.

    The verse [Q. 9:29] commands qitāl (قتال) and not qatl (قتل), and it is known that there is a big distinction between these two words … For you say ‘qataltu (قتلت) so-and-so’ if you initiated the fighting, while you say ‘qātaltu (قاتلت) him’ if you resisted his effort to fight you by a reciprocal fight, or if you forestalled him in that so that he would not get at you unawares.



  3. Why should it be troubling you? You are not a pacifist are you?


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