“No one’s good deeds can lead to paradise”

Muhammad said,

“No one’s acts can lead to paradise.”

They asked, “Not even you, Messenger of God?”

He said, “Not even me, unless God enfolds me with His favour and mercy. So fulfil your commitments and draw near. Let no one wish for death. If you are one of the righteous, it may be that your blessings will increase, and if you are one of the wrong-doers, it may be that you will repent.”


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  1. Now the pendulum is swinging to the other side. What a mixed up religion.

    If Christians make the same claim they are told by Muslims that they are wrong.

    What about a bit of consistency?


  2. It seems christians don’t get this hadith.
    This hadith means that because of God’s mercy, God will judge us based on our deeds although he knows that these deeds don’t match(as equality) for his favor whatever we do. Therefore, if we entered the Jannah( insha’ Allah) because our good deeds are greater than our bad ones, we have to know that we don’t have any favor over Allah, and Allah has all the favor over us because Allah judges us according to these deeds form the perspective of his mercy.


    • For Christians it seems that grace, mercy and justice are all exclusive and so we hear statements like ‘God loves all’, ‘Justified by faith’, ‘Saved by grace’ etc.



  1. No one’s good deeds can lead to paradise… Except when they do! – Answering Islam Blog

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