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  1. umayyad abbasi and ottoman empires minority nations holding highest offices. both converts and non converts.


  2. Good points Paul, thanks for speaking your mind as usual!

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  3. Prateek Sanjay does not seem to know basic history.

    The Almoravids were not even an Arab dynasty. They were Berbers!

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  4. Friday Sermon in Egypt: Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qadi Calls to Wage Jihad in Infidel Lands until Islam Rules the World

    In a Friday sermon delivered in El Bagour, Egypt, Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qadi called to wage Jihad against the infidels in their own lands. Stressing that he was not talking only about defensive Jihad, he said: “I am talking about seeking out the infidels on their own turf,” and, if they refuse to convert to Islam, imposing the jizya poll tax on them or fighting them “until the word of Allah reigns supreme.” “Islam alone should rule the world,” said Al-Qadi. The sermon, delivered in the Ubad Al-Rahman Mosque in El Bagour, was posted on December 17, 2017 on a YouTube channel dedicated to the mosque’s sermons.


    • “If Islam Is a Religion of Violence, So Is Christianity

      The world’s oldest religions all have troubling histories of bloodshed. Singling out Islam is just Trump’s (and Paulus’s) latest, hateful hypocrisy.”


      Quote from article:
      “No religion is inherently violent. No religion is inherently peaceful. Religion, any religion, is a matter of interpretation, and it is often in that interpretation that we see either beauty or ugliness — or, more often, if we are mature enough to think nuanced thoughts, something in between.”

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  1. White “Muslims” are delusional | kokicat

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