Kermit Zarley on distinguishing Jesus and God

Mr. Kermit Zarley is a retired professional golfer and Christian author, having written books on christology and eschatology.

In this episode, recorded at his home in Arizona, he describes being born again as a teen, his evangelical identity, and his discovery that in the New Testament, Jesus and God are two, namely the human Son of God (Jesus) and the one true God, Yahweh (aka the Father).

Dale Tuggy (Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York) also discusses the writing of his The Restitution of Jesus Christ, his use of the pseudonym “Servetus the Evangelical,” and a few of the passages in which Jesus is allegedly called or addressed as “God.” In passages where this really is the case, should we take the author to be implying that Jesus is God himself?

Weekly podcast exploring views about the Trinity, and more generally about God and Jesus in Christian theology and philosophy. Debates, interviews, and historical and contemporary perspectives. Hosted by philosopher of religion / analytic theologian Dr. Dale Tuggy.

Categories: Christianity, God

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  1. Any particularly interesting episodes? I’ve only listened to Abdul Hakeem Murad’s appearance on the podcast.


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