Jonathan McLatchie’s racist and xenophobic views

this is reblogged from an article on Calling Christians:

While addressing a congregation at a Church, Jonathan can be heard describing Muslims as “cancers” in society. This is quite disturbing and has certainly impacted the way Muslims viewed Jonathan during and after his debate with Dr. Shabir Ally. Unsurprisingly, this same ethnic slur has been used by Europe’s most famous fascist, Hitler himself:

“In his madness Hitler was convinced that the ‘Jewish poison’ had done the same thing to his beloved Germany in 1918 what the ‘cancer poison’ had done to his beloved mother in 1907,” wrote historian and journalist Dr Joachim Riecker. – The Telegraph (UK).

As Muslims are a minority in Europe, so too were the Jews. Thus, the severity of referring to a minority in Europe as a cancer rings bells of Hitler’s xenophobic comments. Was this an accidentally used ethnic slur by Jonathan, or was this a freudian slip of the tongue which has revealed his true colours?


Jonathan McLatchie who says Muslims are cancerous.

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  1. The right wing like using words which dehumanize people – cancer is one of those.


  2. This “holy” spirit inhabiting Christian fundamentalists seems to be a mega fail

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  3. In this clip he is in conversation with some right wing American Islamophobe, clearly Jonathan has not only been expressing right wing views to British audiences


  4. Shame on all these hypocritical hate preachers of the “religion of love”


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