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  1. Muslim/


  2. Same answer….

    A Jew following the Torah in letter and spirit during the start of the 1st century is a Muslim.

    So Jesus was a Muslim and a Jew….there was no contradiction at that time 🙂

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  3. Well he couldn’t have been a Christian since a Christian means “follower of Christ”. He was born, raised and lived as a Jew, you can see this in all the gospels especially in the first 2 or so chapters in Luke. Christians being followers of Christ would also then be Jewish in that sense, since we would be following Christ who was a Jew. At least that’s how the early disciples saw themselves. There was no distinction between the followers of Christ and Jews, except that they believed Jesus was the Christ(i.e the messiah). The gentile Jews (which is how they would have identified themselves as “Christian” was not yet a term until later) were not burdened to follow the entire 613 commandments but were instructed by James to follow the Noachide laws as mentioned in Acts 15. Many have seen early Christianity as merely just one sect of Judaism just like the Essenes, Pharisees, zealots, Sadducees etc who all had different doctrinal beliefs yet identified themselves as Jews (e.g Sadducees didn’t believe in resurrection but rest did I think). And also Omer, if Jesus was Muslim then technically every Jew, Christian and any other believer in one God would be Muslim. After all if you just take the literal meaning of the word Muslim, it means one who submits themselves to God right? Anyone who submits themself to God would therefore be Muslim in that sense. But then you have the religious Muslim who follows the Quran and Islamic law, which is what Jews and Christians cannot be identified as including Jesus himself. In the same way, if you just use the literal term “Christian” which is follower of Christ, then every Muslim would also be Christian since Jesus Christ is a prophet you follow. Then you have religious Christian which you would not be. So it’s interesting to see how the names in a way kind of all mean the same thing really.

    I understand the importance of the question though. Many Christians, particularly from the west like America and Britain, forget all about Jesus’ Jewish roots and sort of give him a new identity as a European with blonde hair and blue eyes, who also happens to be some sort of nationalist who some how made America/Britain the “new israel” whatever that even means. I think this attitude stems from the ancient Roman Empire who had a military attitude. Once Christianity was made the state religion of the Roman Empire it was like they were saying “now we own Jesus and have the right to make him how we want to be rather than what the gospel says about him”. And with the Romans hating Jews, it started with removing his Jewish roots, thereby giving them reason to persecute and kill Jews for killing their messiah even though he predicted that it would happen and also said “father forgive them for they do not know what they do”. I’m glad Romans 11 is part of the biblical canon otherwise Jewish persecution could have been worse.

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