Book Review: Refuting ISIS by Sh.Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi | Dr. Shabir Ally

A must watch! 

ISIS tries to justify its horrible crimes by appealing to Islamic teachings. Many community leaders across North America have condemned the acts of ISIS. But what about the perspective of those beyond the western world – what do they have to say? Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, a scholar from Damascus, has written a new book called Refuting Isis. Dr Shabir Ally discusses this book!

Categories: Islam, Quran, Recommended Reading, Terrorism, Wisdom

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  1. The parameters of Islam are not decided by popular vote but by scholarly convention.

    If our Ulema says its not Islam it is not Islam. Non-Muslims need to feel the pain that Muslims undergo at seeing their religion dragged in the mud and represented by a sheer brutality that Muslims reject while at the same cunningly exploited by Islamophobes to fit their agenda.


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