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  1. Examples of this “overwhelming evidence” for your particular god and evidence that Dawkins doesn’t also use the same questioning against atheism, please.

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    • I have read several of his books and he never applies doubt or scepticism against his dogmatic atheism. Nor does he offer any proof that I have seen for his belief that there is no God.

      Perhaps he does in other works.


    • Which books are these? I’ve read a couple and what I have gotten out of them is that atheism is a conclusion since there is no evidence for a god, there is no reason to believe in one.

      If I may ask you a question, why do you not believe in other gods than your own?


    • a reminder:

      the point of this post to point out that in Dawkins public pronouncements in the media and a few books I have read he dogmatically assumes atheism without offering any evidence or proof for his belief. Ie what evidence and proof does he offer to substantiate his claim that the Creator does not exist.

      This is unscholarly and contradicts the demands he makes of others. You seem reluctant to deal with the issue at hand.


    • I know what your post was for. You have yet to show that your claim about Dawkins is true which makes your claim about him rather hypocritical. I ask you to show where Dawkins “dogmatically” assumes atheism to be true.

      There is evidence that the claims of the bible are not true. For example, there is nothing that shows that the noah flood happened and plenty of evidence life went on as usual on earth at any time Abrahamic faith believers care to claim the flood happened. If this event didn’t happen (or any other essential event in the bible you would care to mention) , there is little reason to believe in the Judeo-Christo-Islamic God exists. This lack of evidence for the essential events, and having evidence for other events that preclude the ones claimed in the bible, is why Dawkins and many atheists do not believe in your god or other gods. There is reason to believe that the flood happened, or a man rose from the dead, a man rode to Jerusalem on a magical horse, or gods fought demons, if there is no evidence for these claims and, again, evidence that other things happened to preclude those fantastic claims.

      Now, since I have dealt with the issue at hand, I ask you again, what is the reason(s) you discount the claims of other religions as I do and other atheists like Dawkins does? Would it be a lack of evidence? Assuming that Dawkins is dogmatic, and doesn’t present evidence, isn’t it dogmatic of you to refuse to show evidence of your claims?


    • clearly you are unfamiliar with the notorious Dawkins, his increasingly deranged rants in the media and his endless ill-informed diatribes against religion. Even other atheists are now turning against him!

      Can you cite a single time Dawkins throws doubt on his atheism? I have never come across it. He does not practice what he preaches.

      So what I stated stands: he fails to provide any proof that God does not exist. Neither have you. You try and change the subject. You talk about the Bible (!) but this is a Muslim blog. You fail to address the question at hand.


    • I am familiar with Dawkins. You have made claims and have yet to provide evidence to support your claims. You are the one who claims that it is bad that Dawkins doesn’t support his position. Why is it bad for him and not bad for you?

      As I have stated, Dawkins has a position that I share that there is no evidence to support the existence of any gods. Again, there is no evidence for any of the essential events of the bible and there is evidence that other things happened, precluding the events of the bible. I believe you share this position when it comes to any god but yours. Am I correct?

      Some other atheists do not like what Dawkins claims about all theists being stupid and evil, especially muslims and his attitude toward women. I am one of them. However, I do not disagree with him when it comes to the lack of evidence that religion has for its claims.

      Dawkins has no problem in saying he could be wrong. Here is a good quote “Well, what if I’m wrong, I mean — anybody could be wrong. We could all be wrong about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the pink unicorn and the flying teapot. You happen to have been brought up, I would presume, in a Christian faith. You know what it’s like to not believe in a particular faith because you’re not a Muslim. You’re not a Hindu. Why aren’t you a Hindu? Because you happen to have been brought up in America, not in India. If you had been brought up in India, you’d be a Hindu. If you had been brought up in Denmark in the time of the Vikings, you’d be believing in Wotan and Thor. If you were brought up in classical Greece, you’d be believing in Zeus. If you were brought up in central Africa, you’d be believing in the great Juju up the mountain. There’s no particular reason to pick on the Judeo-Christian god, in which by the sheerest accident you happen to have been brought up and ask me the question, “What if I’m wrong?” What if you’re wrong about the great Juju at the bottom of the sea?” – speech at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, 2006-10-23

      Here’s another quote: “I can’t be sure God does not exist… On a scale of seven, where one means I know he exists, and seven I know he doesn’t, I call myself a six… That doesn’t mean I’m absolutely confident, that I absolutely know, because I don’t.” – The Telegraph, February 24, 2012

      These quotes show your claims are simply wrong. It took me less than 5 minutes to find these. I wonder if you will admit your claim is wrong. What Dawkins, and other atheists like myself, are looking for is evidence. I have addressed the question before and I have again.

      Your claims are false. You have created a strawman to attack from your willful ignorance. As I have indicated, there is plenty of evidence your god does not exist, that there is no evidence for the essential events claimed by the bible, and evidence that other things have happened instead. When asked for the “overwhelming evidence” you claim exists for your god, you have been consistently unable to show any of this evidence. You demand evidence from others, and you have been given it. As much as you insist that others must give evidence, you refuse to do so yourself.


  2. clubschadenfreude,

    Notwithstanding the fact that it is an unreasonable expectation for us to spell out why we believe in the existence of a god *every* single time an atheist orders us to, the comment section of a somewhat unrelated subject is not the appropriate place to bark out orders, wait less than a few hours for an answer that would fill libraries, and then claim victory on a subject that mankind has grappled with since time immemorial.


  3. “As I have indicated, there is plenty of evidence your god does not exist, that there is no evidence for the essential events claimed by the bible”

    Actually you have proved ZERO evidence or proof for your belief that God does not exist.

    Also not sure what the Bible has to do with anything. You assume I’m a Christian? Have a look around this blog…


  4. All twenty of those arguments are bullshit.


  5. I’m no fan of Dawkins, but I haven’t seen him refuse to question his atheism. As Clubshadenfreude has pointed out, there are multiple instances where he has expressed his lack of complete certainty. If he has since changed his stance, I would like to know about that. Could you cite an example of when he has done this?

    Also, I would like to see this overwhelming evidence of God that you mention. I saw the link to the arguments for the existence of God, but arguments are hardly overwhelming evidence (also, I am already familiar with, and unconvinced by, several of these arguments–and even if I did find one of these convincing, I have never understood the leap in logic from arguing a god exists to saying that a specific god exists).


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