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  1. Thanks Paul. You always beat this guy. Some Christians here on this blog said;
    God is so pure that human beings cannot go close to him until all human comes pure like Him(God). Why is Nabeel saying the same God entered into the world to live with impure human beings?

    This is a big contradiction and must prompt anyone to doubt Christianity as a religion of God. It looks like human beings are those who came up with this contradiction but not God.



  2. In fact, it is a big lie to say God is so pure and no one can go near God unless he becomes pure like God but for people to go near God.

    It is oxymoron as a Christian will accuse Muslims on this blog. That Christian fails to see this oxymoronic contradiction from Christians.



  3. Thanking God alone is not enough for Nabeel, he make sure he also thanks Jesus and Holy Spirit…. I pray he will embrace Islam one day and give thanks to one God alone, saying: Alhamdulillah is all he need to show gratefulness to God.

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