Missionary Mishap: Jonathan McLatchie & Sam Shamoun Target Dr. Shabir Ally

Calling Christians

I write this with extreme disappointment and sadness. A few months ago, Jonathan broke unto the Muslim-Christian interfaith debate scene. In his debate with Dr. Shabir he was respectful and it looked as if Christian apologetics had finally moved beyond the vitriol of Sam Shamoun and David Wood. Unfortunately, Jonathan has fallen quite far in the months following the debate. Instead of moving Christian apologetics into the future, he’s joined hands with Sam and has even begun advertising joint events with himself and Sam!


Jonathan’s friend and mentor, Sam Shamoun recently made these comments on Facebook about our beloved brother in Islam, and teacher, Dr. Shabir Ally:

You mean when I demolished and screwed Shabir, your p*******e prophet and your demon you call Allah Shabir has been passing gas every night just like your satan called Allah does according to your prophet. And if you have a problem with praising…

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  1. More you listen and read silly Shamoun crap it creates nothing but animosity so I just ignored his claptrap.

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  2. For an uneducated, obese, ugly, mentally unstable piece of crap, Shamoun sure talks big!


  3. I think people should ignore this mental midget. He has serious psychological issues.

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  4. Having just read this article,the views expressed by Sam Shamoun, Jonathan McLatchie,etc…. about what Islam is and who the Prophet (pbuh) is was the reason behind why I had yesterday taken the opportunity to visit a mosque in my city to find out for myself.

    My desire to do this was not only based on these vile comments but also on the very positive examples of people like Dr Craig Considine and Paul Williams who work hard to highlight what Muslims actually believe which is very different to these caricatures. The experience at the mosque was a wonderful one, their hospitality, kindness, and desire just to live their lives and pray to Allah(swt) with just as much sincerity and indeed love that any other person of faith (so yes St John Paul II words resonated with me when i saw Jummah, I thought “God he’s right, I do wish Christians were more like this).

    But the one thing that really struck me about Muslim worship and the mosque itself is one of humility, everything from the design, the artwork, the prayer, everything is about Allah(swt). Myself being of Arab heritage I have experienced the same racism and Islamophobia just based on my looks! There is sadly a good amount of ignorance and therefore prejudice about Muslims and I wanted to know what was at the heart of the religion and I have seen nothing to hate, now when I think of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) I think of Allah(swt), i think of kindness, mercy, struggle, and determination. Respect.

    Sam Shamoun and Jonathan McLatchie are full of hot air. They are building walls not bridges between these two communities. Sad.

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  5. With such an aggressive and abusive approach, these sorts of people could hardly win any Muslim to their faith.

    And it is clear that these people and their copy-cats are just actively creating animosity between the Christian and the Muslim communities.

    I wonder why Muslims honour such people by debating with them or even responding to them.

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  6. I am sorry I didn’t get you, Patrice. Do you visit the mosque once in a blue moon?
    I am twenty I go to the mosque every day more than once. I asked this question because the way you say it, it kind of sound like you don’t visit the mosque everyday.


  7. I don’t know the rules, I am sorry if I asked something which I am not allowed to ask.


  8. Thats okay theres no problem asking. I am not actually a Muslim myself but one who has alot of interest in different religions as well as having admiration for the Islamic faith. I do believe in God (whatever or whomever that is) but do not belong to a faith tradition, so you might say i am only half a perennielist.

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  9. okay, thanks for the reply, i didn’t know. my apologies.


  10. As was rightly mentioned above, this laughable midget should be totally ignored. Any Muslim who debates him deserves this foul treatment. This is not new; we’ve seen this midget abusing, cursing, mocking and blaspheming using extreme foul language and profanities for many years. How can any Muslim with an ounce of self respect, dignity and, most importantly, love for God and His Prophet (saw) share a stage with this joker? Not only this, his writings are nothing more than childish rantings, largely based on strawman arguments, laughable misreadings of texts, and total irrelevancies. Why are you wasting time even bothering to read his tirades? Totally ignore this worthless satanic character. Instead, engage politely with the decent and scholarly individuals, with scholarly writings and with the work of actual scholars.


  11. Sam Shamoun? Advanced apologetics? What advance? When this guy has no single certificate from Islamic, Christian and Judaism?

    Christian could learn Islam from John L. Esposito who has spend years researching on Islam and he(Esposito) is still a Christian but will not like to jeopardize his academic research and tell the truth.

    There are a lot of non-Muslims Islamic scholars who understand Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin and will put Shamoun, Spencer, Wood, Nabeel Quraish, Ergun Carner, Shoebat, Smith etc. nonsense in a dust bin and trash because academic research do not go with lies, even if you have your own bias.

    I keep repeating that one has to learn a language of a particular book very well before he can interpret it and I will continue to remind people.

    Hamza Yusuf is reminding people about this.

    Sam Shamoun do not understand Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Latin and even has bad English, how can he interpret the Quran and Hadith? Only a lazy person will learn from Sam Shamoun.

    Paul Williams has been listen a lot of books from Christian scholars for us to read because Christians themselves do not understand Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin.


  12. correction

    Paul Williams has been listing……….

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  13. The fact that Mclathchie even needs to seek out help from the likes of Shamoun to help “turn the tables” on Muslims regarding the trinity shows that he is actually clueless as to how to explain the trinity in the first place. That is hardly surprising given that Christians have struggled for 2000 years to explain it. It seems to me that Mclatchie has gotten frustrated rather quickly at his failures. That is why he is seeking help from the scoundrels of the Christian apologetic industry.



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