Missionary James White denounced by top Biblical scholar


‘Dr’ James White

One of the world’s most distinguished Biblical scholars has denounced ‘Dr’ James White in no uncertain terms as lacking in any scholarly credentials and for never having published any works of scholarship. The serious allegations come from Dr Bart Ehrman who is Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. According to the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, he is one of North America’s leading scholars in his field, having written and edited 27 books, including three college textbooks. He has also achieved acclaim at the popular level, authoring five New York Times bestsellers. Ehrman’s work focuses on textual criticism of the New Testament, the historical Jesus, and the development of early Christianity.

This is what he had to say about ‘Dr’ James White’s alleged scholarly credentials:


Furthermore, James White is known to many Muslims as a vocal polemist against Islam. Yet he is not fluent in Arabic and has no scholarly credentials in Islamic studies either.

Ho humm….

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  1. Not sure if you’re aware but James has done a video recently responding to this comment as well as a general critique of Dr Ehrman. I’m not taking a side on this as i don’t know all the facts of what exactly Dr Ehrman finds offensive about James as a person but I think its only fair to allow both sides their chance to speak, despite whether I agree with everything James says on Islam (especially the Easterners are convinced more by emotion than reason nonesense).

    But to be fair to both sides ‘Dawah Carriers’ have been known to say dumb things about Christians and Christianity in the past as well (i’m looking at you ‘Dawah is easy’… and Sheikh Yusuf Estes with regards to Church history).

    I kinda like James in the sense in that he at least tries to get things right with Islamic belief and has criticized fake Ex-Muslims such as Walid Shoebat and Ergun Caner as well as Islamophobes on his own side which you acknowledged Paul had resulted in some kick back from others.

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  2. fair comments Patrice. But because of my past I just don’t like fundamentalist apologists. They really should know better..

    I share your misgivings about ‘Dawah is easy’. I know the guys who run this thing and have spoken to them about the dodgy techniques they use and the even dodgier science and Quran arguments they use. But they just don’t listen.

    Religious activism can make fanatics of people.


  3. With the name of Allah

    I can understand Mr. Ehrman aversion to James White. I suspect why Ehrman mentioned that White “does not seem to be a nice guy” is because James condescending attitude  despite of Mr. Ehrman vast and recognised expertise in the field.  Also in his videos White  has a habit portraying himself how good he is on lots of things and that he has studied this and that in depth ….and that on the rattle mode discrediting opponent position on personal attack such as “being an apostate”, “presupposition”  etc. rather than dealing with the scholarship.

    As for his Islamic “knowledge” , despite White many claims that he has a good ground in Islamic scholarship ..that he has read a lot of Islamic sources and  himself as able to read the arabic Quran ….well anyone with slightest knowledge of Qur’anic tafseer, tajweed, hadiths, Nahw and Sharf etc, will recognise that White is nowhere near what he claims to be. He was just trying to portray himself as such while in fact he is not! .

    I remember White made a video in which he was trying to show off his arabic recitation of surah al fatihah with a coptic christian tutor. His attempt looks silly . His coptic  teacher also disregard many rules of tajweed and made horrible recitation , even he made embarrasing  mistake.

    Also I remember during a debate with Ehrman when White  at the back of his mind he was thinking about the Muslims reaction on Bart Ehrman’s evidence against the inerrancy of the Bible. White of course  couldn’ t respond to it and …guess what…. White response  was  to discredit the Quran and hoping Mr. Ehrman to agree with his position.

    It is a dirty tactic, the Quran was not the topic of the debate. Seems that White worry that muslims could use Ehrman scholarship against him in future debate. Does not seem like a decent guy to me.

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  4. I think this video could possibly explain why Ehrman finds White offensive, White made numerous inflammatory comments before Bart made that comment. Some of which are documented in this video

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  5. He got grilled by Ehrman in their debate


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