Confession from Jay Smith that the Bible has been changed

American missionary to Muslims in London Jay Smith in a rare monument of transparency admits that Christians do not have the original Bible and that it has been “changed”. Fellow evangelical missionaries like James White would be horrified. Will they takfir him?

If readers want to explore how the Christian scriptures have been corrupted over the centuries I highly recommend this scholarly work by one of the worlds most eminent textual critics:



“In sum, this book is a fine work of scholarship –innovative, judicious, alert, attentive both to its overarching argument and to the supportive details. . . Ehrman’s work is provocative and should give rise to further reflection. I believe it will make a significant contribution to scholarship in both New Testament and early Christian history for a long time to come.”

–Church History

“This is a book well worth reading. The New Testament scholar will find in it an excellent study of textual criticism, systematically organized under the rubric of scribal Tendenzen. The systematic theologian as well as the student of early Christian thought will find in it an excellent expose of the fashion in which conviction colors the way in which one reads the tradition.”

–Journal of Early Christian Studies


It is interesting to note that Jay Smith seems to agree with the leading companion of the prophet Muhammad who was an expert on the Quran, Ibn ‘Abbas, who in a Bukhari hadith said,


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