‘Dr’ James White under fire for comments about Young Black Men

I am a Muslim, and I feel sorry for him for this. Hope he apologises and says he wasn’t thinking, don’t see him as a racist. He also deleted his twitter account for a few weeks as he couldn’t stand the heat. Hope he submits and surrenders to God. 

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  1. Always wondered what the R stood for in James R. White. Racist?


    I would be unfair to call him racist based on those comments but the bloke clearly has not learned from the backlash from his bigoted comments on Middle Easterners and non-Westerners in general.

    Maybe the guy has been living in a basement for the last 30 years and does not understand society has moved on and one has to use more wisdom and sensitivity when talking about other races – especially minorities.

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  2. White is very good at alienating Muslims, now he has decided to alienate black people as well.


  3. I don’t think White is recist. However, i read hisFB post and it really did make me very uncomfortable. Here’s a white guy who sees a random black young man bahaving in a rather silly manner, and then makes such a sweeping generalization of minorities. It’s not enough that he never used the word ‘black’, it’s implied. And even, if he wasn’t generalising regarding minority lifestyles, he really should have known better! And the fact that he has not apologised, shows a arrogance!

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  4. He has not “alienated” Shabir Ally – who is writing a book with him. (and continued to do many debates over the years. I wonder why Shabir is not afraid to debate him, but Paul and others dismiss him outright?

    Even though they (White and Shabir Ally) disagree, there is mutual respect. And others such as Abdullah Kunde (they remain friends and Dr. White even Skypes with him to share in classes on Apologetics to get Muslims’ point of view). And others, such as Imam Musri in Florida – they had an excellent exchange/ debate/ discussion.

    Most fair minded Muslims recognize that Dr. White is balanced and fair to Muslims and how he respects Yasir Qadir and Kunde, Ally and how Dr. White has rebuked Sam Shamoun for anger, and ad hominem and rebuked Robert Spencer for unfair statements against Yasir Qadi. I agree with Dr. White on those issues.

    I know for sure Dr. White is not a racist. He is very outspoken against Donald Trump, etc. (Trump is more of a demagogue / con-man, and lacking in moral character, but some of his ardent followers are more the racist types.)

    I don’t think Paul W. is fair to him and neither is Yahya Snow – the videos being made from snippets taken out of context are unfair.

    Paul – If you watched more of his debates – the whole thing and the whole context of Dividing Line programs, you would have more balance. But, Paul, you judged him unfairly from the beginning, labeling him “not worth spending time on” and “fundamentalist”, etc. –

    Dr. White promoted and worked with some young Black Christian musical artists (Ivey Connerly) in “the spoken word” videos on Islam – 40 Arabic words, etc. which I think many Muslims have seen.


  5. Jacob wrote…”in a rather silly manner, and then makes such a sweeping generalization of minorities.”

    I say: Its not a generalization its a FACT that almost 70% of African Americans are growing up in single family homes in the absence of a father.

    Here is one Black Man who lays it out. You can listen to the begging or forward it to 9:36


  6. Yahya Sent Me

    70% is not 100%

    The 30% are being generalized and they will not be happy with any one saying their children did not grow with their care.

    No wonder the evangelical Christians are supporting Donald Trump to deal with billions of Muslims and billions of Hispanics by saying “Islam hate Mexico wasn’t sending their best people over; they were sending rapists and criminals”

    They forgot the FBI has said, the most Study Says White Extremists Have Killed More Americans in the U.S. Than Jihadists Since 9/11


    Must we call all white evangelical Christians killers?



  7. Intellect when did Dr White say 100%?


  8. ken and yahya sent me ( whatever that means!!), you’ve Missed the point! White should not have concluded that boy had a bad up bringing and ‘probably raised without a father’. White knew nothing about the boy! He saw him on his dash-cam and made his awful comments. White knows he was out of order, that’s why he has now deleted the FB post and he is going to justify himself on a special dividing line issue. At worst his FB post was bigoted and at best very insensitive. I’m willing to give white the benefit of doubt and say he is not a bigot. However, some if the things he says have undertones of racial stereotypes, such as his recent spat with an arab christian who he claimed shouts and abuses due to his Culture!

    I have listened to his dividing line programme and on that he is always refuting or pointing his finger at someone or other. He has unfairly attacked Paul Williams, as has been discussed before. But if anybody dares to refute or even point out an error to white then he becomes defensive. This is where he shows his arrogance! If you can’t take it don’t give it. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    BTW, it’s not Muslims who are making this into a big issue, the majority of the people objecting and appalled by white’s behaviour are christians, mainly African/American. And yes, they, absolutely can decide what is unacceptable racial bigotry, not some white dude with a bit of knowledge!

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  9. And where do you get this 70% of all black children grow up in single parent families? Where? Which reliable, fair and balanced group/organisation came up with this FACT?? Show your evidence! As I don’t believe it. It’s probably from another one of those reliable tweets from donald drumpf. There are many complex socio-economic reasons why African/Americans are a struggling minority. One of the major reasons is endemic and institutional racism within the broader American society, as demonstrated time and time again by white cops gunning down unarmed black men. But when dylan roof, a white supremest terrorist gunned down 9 innocent african americans, the white cops bought him a burger!
    This is the nuanced argument white needs to be making if he comments on the ills of society! Not just that they don’t have a father figure so they turned bad! I know many, many men who have been raised without fathers and they have turned out well, one’s a medical surgeon! On the other hand there are folk who have been raised in households with a father, even a very rich father and have turned out really bad, i.e.. Donald Trump ( or Drumf) !


  10. The Black Christian man in the video said that there is nothing racist about saying the guy probably did not grow up with a father. (flicking a bird at a police officer; throwing a bottle into the grass (pollution), and wearing his pants down low are possible indications that he might have been part of the statistic and is common knowledge that the Black community in USA is suffering from the breakdown of the family. (out of wedlock child-births, lack of fathers, pre-marital promiscuity; divorces; coupled with poverty and cycle of well-fare dependency have hit the African-American community – I have heard many liberals and other Black political activists even admit that. The Black man in the video even says “maybe 80 %”.

    One of the brothers who retweeted the tweets against what he thought Dr. White wrote, Thabiti Anyabwile (also a really cool Reformed brother who happens to be black and a former Muslim, who also debated Bassam Zawadi and Shabir Ally and did an excellent job) later apologized profusely (several times) on Twitter, because he did not actually read Dr. White’s actual article, rather a doctored one that was put out by a “Dr. Ach”, who is nothing but a stalker and King James Only-ist nut-job.

    In order to be accurate, go and look up Thabiti on Twitter and see his apologies and also the longer Chesed297 article by Dr. White, that shows that “Dr. Ach” lied and changed the wording of Dr. White’s original post, and added vile and disgusting comments, making it seem like Dr. White wrote those.



  11. Like i said you evangelicals have missed the point. Rather than all this convoluted, feeble justifications of a gross stereotype, all white had to say was he made a mistske, it wasn’t the wisest comment to make, and it would not have gone so far. The guy u quoted was not the only one deeply hurt and offended by white’s comments, many other christians too. This is exactly why donald drumpf is soooo popular with evangelicals. He really does represent you all. And you may get the president that you deserve!


  12. BTW, Yahya Sent Me, sounds like another sam shamoun pen name! Although yahya sent me isn’t as rude or cantankerous as shamoun. Well, not as yet!


  13. Brother Paul, is there anyway you can delete that awful video posted by yahya sent me, of a black guy calling black people ‘black trash’ and ‘thugs’! I didn’t watch all of it! I don’t waste my time listening to people who have been brain-washed by the evangelicals!

    Yahya sent me, We’re not convinced by your fox news strategy of getting black people to reinforce disgraceful stereotypes! Or the republican party’s strategy of making ben carson a candidate to put down black people. It is still not ok!! Like i said, this is endemic in american society, and now they are having to deal with the bigoted trumpinstein monster they have created!


  14. sorry Jacob I don’t see that as a good enough reason to censure that comment


  15. I understand, Paul. Thanks

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  16. Jacob said…

    “ken and yahya sent me ( whatever that means!!), you’ve Missed the point! White should not have concluded that boy had a bad up bringing and ‘probably raised without a father’. ”

    I say: Yah definitely missed that point since Dr White did not make that point, Saying that he has a 70% chance of being raised in a single family home is a statement of FACT.


  17. Yahya sent me ( what ever that means)!! You’re sounding more and more like shamoun! Becoming passive aggressive as well! Think you’ve been rumbled sam!


  18. Jacob wrote….of a black guy calling black people ‘black trash’ and ‘thugs’! I didn’t watch all of it! I don’t waste my time listening to people who have been brain-washed by the evangelicals!

    I say wow you just continue to prove you have a serious comprehension problem. First you falsely accuse Dr White of “concluding” that the boy had a bad upbringing with out a father, now you accuse this fine upstanding black MAN of labeling all black people as thugs and trash.

    Proving you are the one who keeps missing the point, that being if you Walk like a thug, talk like a thug, act like a thug and dress like a thug you’re going to be treated like a thug.


  19. Jacob

    Accusing people of being St Sam is my gimmick, get your own 😛


  20. Did Jacob accuse me of being Sam Shamoun. Wow I am honored truly honored.


  21. I’ll have you know its St Sam around these parts as he has a loving heart for Muslims, its just that he has a very special way of showing it 😉


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