Sam Shamoun: A Hero to Muslims

I have often disagreed with Sam on a many great deal of things, some might say on everything, but today is a different day. Today, this day, I want to thank Sam Shamoun for being a friend to the Muslim community, a hero to Muslims everywhere.

sam abn

In Muslim communities throughout the world, nothing is as effective to counter missionary work than to have Christian missionaries holding a view of Islam that is roundly offensive to them. This is why today, we are proud of our friend and colleague, Sam Shamoun. Sam’s recent crusade to argue that all Muslims are either violent terrorists or deceiving others about their inherent violent tendencies, has allowed those who follow him to be abysmal in their witnessing to Muslims. Where we once had missionaries smiling and telling us about love and their relationship with Jesus the Christ, we now have gun-toting, screaming Christians, saying that Muslims either need to be deported or to be destroyed for the sake of the democracy. Where we once had missionaries handing out Bibles and tracts on Christian scripture to Muslims, we now have missionaries handing out tracts about the dangers of Islam, the secret plots of Muslims and pieces of scripture here and there painting us as the anti-Christ.

anti shariah

Anti-Shariah protesters stand at the intersection of Abrams Road and Centennial Boulevard during an anti-Shariah protest and counter protest Saturday, June 10, 2017, in Richardson, Texas. (Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News)

Instead of having to teach Muslims the basics about Christianity, or to teach them to answer common arguments, the sheer hate and antagonism we find from folks like Sam Shamoun, David Wood, Usama Dakdok and Brandon Howse, provide for us preemptive missionary repellent. Rather than sitting down and having meaningful discussions about the differences in our faith, Christian missionaries now house both a fear of Muslims and a dislike for wanting to sit with us for fear of being branded apostates and sell-outs, as we have seen since the White-Qadhi dialogue. Sit down with Muslims and discuss their faith with them? That’s a no-no in today’s missionary world, you’re basically sitting with the enemy and allowing them to practise their taqiyyah (deceiving) skills on you. No, this is not satire, I’m lifting this information directly from the aforementioned folks’ social media pages. Sitting with a Muslim to discuss their faith is no longer a goal of Christian missionaries and apologists, for doing so is to apostate from the Christian faith, as Sam Shamoun and Brandon Howse have indicated.

My job as a Muslim apologist has never been easier. Muslim to Christian converts who once dreamt of bringing their families to Christ, now house an internal dread of being branded a turncoat or a useful idiot to Muslims for being nice to us. Muslim to Christian converts who grew up in Muslim families are now forced to be silent when false generalizations of all Muslims being blood thirsty murderers are shared and endorsed by folks like Sam Shamoun, David Wood and Usama Dakdok. These Christian apologists are not only alienating Muslim to Christian converts, they are inadvertently, providing for them a way back to Islam. The sheer association of having Muslim heritage is enough to brand you a taqiyyist (deceiver), an apostate or a person compromised in the gospel of Christ for merely holding to the view that not all Muslims are bad people. The idea that Muslims, like Christians, and every other ideological group on the face of the earth is anything but homogenous and monolithic is appalling to folks like Sam, Wood, Dakdok and Howse, and it is a blessing for Islam.

Rather than having to do counter-missionary work and teach Muslims how to counter basic arguments used against Islam, God has provided us some reprieve by making Christians fear and hate us. Rather than witnessing to us, we are being left alone…for the glory of Christ (as Sam would say)! My job has never been easier and without the support of Sam Shamoun and his crusade against Christians who are friendly with Muslims, he’s effectively become a hero to Muslims.

and God knows best.

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  1. Apparently Shamoun has never heard the following saying:

    “Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


  2. This is very sad for me, because Shamoun’s attitude and vehemence in going after Dr. White, is making some (way too many) Christians fear Muslims. However, a true Christian does not hate Muslims though. (I John chapters 3 and 4; Matthew 22:36-40)

    It is very sad and ironic that Sam Shamoun keeps calling Dr. White a “useful idiot”; and yet your article demonstrates that Muslims are actually grateful to Sam Shamoun’s bad witness, and calling him a “hero”, because

    “Rather than witnessing to us, we are being left alone . . . “

    “we are being left alone” is a very sad statement . . .

    In light of the commands of the NT to reach out, evangelize, and do apologetics with gentleness and respect, (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; Luke 24:44-49; 1 Peter 3:15) this is very sad to me.

    I agree with Dr. White and his methods and balance.

    Dr. White’s latest Dividing Line demonstrates the errors that Brannon Howse has been making.


    • weak

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    • The we are being left alone means we don;t have the opportunity to lovingly preach pure Abrahamic monotheism to your missionaries in return.


    • Missionaries seem to be willing to debate you all. (David Wood, Samuel Green, C. L. Edwards, Jonathan MacLatchie, Jay Smith, Anthony Rogers, etc. and Sam are willing to debate and they have against your best – like Shabir Ally, etc.) Even Sam says he wants to debate you; you guys usually use his anger and behavior as an excuse to avoid him. (from what I have seen)

      Rather, the fear mongering is making the average Christian and nominal / cultural “Christian” and the nominal average Muslims afraid of each other.

      But people in the west do have a legitimate concern and natural fear of Al Qaeda, isis type Muslim terror, and also Hamas linked groups and also Sharia and Salafi / Wahabis / Muslim Brotherhood types influencing our culture by using our gracious and liberal laws to try and do “civilization Jihad”, which the Muslim Brotherhood even admitted in their documents.


    • The fear in the west of Muslims does not come from Sam Shamoun, etc. it comes from a legitimate fear of Islamic-text- inspired terror like Al Qaeda and isis types and also those that want to impose Sharia law or “stealth Jihad” in western countries. The Reliance of the Traveller, an Islamic book on Fiq (Jurisprudence) reveals this.


    • Fristians have always hated each other and cursed each other. Perfectly demonstrated in the book “forged” and “forgery and counter forgery” full of hate and anger.


    • shamoun is exposing white because in shamounds pagan brain white is a false prophet

      quote :
      ‘But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, BRINGING SWIFT DESTRUCTION UPON THEMSELVES…

      shamoun is only showing biblical love

      here is some of pauls hate and anger towards others

      Galatians 1:8New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

      8 But even if we or an angel[a] from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed!

      an angel is holy, what about another human which fristian considers “born in sin” ?

      christians were hating on each other and cursing on each other since the religion began .


  3. The attacks against White for the Qadhi dialogue are getting out of control. I personally think that White made a mistake doing that dialogue but it doesn’t cancel out all of the apologetic material he’s produced against Islam or the debates he’s done.

    In my view he made a mistake. That’s all. It doesn’t warrant this barrage of nastiness that he’s getting, now months after the event itself!


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    • Hey Allan,
      Good emphasis in your comment.

      That said,
      Did you listen/watch the full videos of both sessions that Dr. White had with Dr. Qadhi and the fact that the “Dialogue” at the church was NOT a worship service, etc. NOT on a Sunday or Wed. service, but a Tuesday evening, and the elders and congregation were all equipped a head of time on the nature of the dialogue and that they (Dr. White and Dr. Qadhi both agreed that each other is going to hell if they don’t repent?) – it was not any kind of ecumenism (he didn’t pray with Muslims like some of the modern Popes have done with interfaith dialogues with Buddhists, and Muslims and kissed the Qur’an, like John Paul II did) that some are spinning it as; and Dr. White gave clear explanations of the gospel (on the second evening at a Mosque), the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, original sin, the atonement, salvation by grace alone, etc. ?


    • Hi Ken,

      I know the details. I listen to the DL and I watched the dialogues as well as most debates that Dr. White does. Taking into account all of the details, I would still say it was a mistake. I’m aware that he didn’t do anything like pray with the Muslims are kiss the Quran. That would have been far worse. Still, I don’t agree with what he did. He should have done a debate.

      However, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Mistake – yes. Huge mistake and compromise like others are making it out to be – no.


  4. I would recommend brother Sam takes time away from the internet. Recollect his thoughts and just think about which direction he’s going in. James did point out brother Sam is changing his beliefs because of arguments he’s had with him* – clearly he’s willing to rethink his beliefs in private. We need to reach out to brother Sam. He’s kind of cocooned himself off so Muslims can’t reach out to him. Brother Sam, if you;re reading just hit me up with an email if you want somebody to talk to.

    *Here’s brother James mentioning it


    • He’s kind of cocooned himself off so Muslims can’t reach out to him.

      huh? it is he who has been challenging all of you to debate; yet you use his anger and bad behavior as excuse to not debate him.


    • LOL, Ken, are you serious? Muslims have debated Shamoun in the past, and he has always performed terribly. Shabir Ally has embarrassed Shamoun a few times. So, why exactly is Shamoun still howling for debates?

      The reason no one will debate him anymore is because of his childish tactics. People have had enough of him and would rather have debates with people who behave professionally. So yeah, he has “cocooned” himself off. Why would anyone take him seriously?

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    • Nah Ken, he blocks Muslims from his social media and he even blocks Muslims from emailing him. How can debates seriously be arranged if he has those people he is challenging blocked?


  5. It almost sounds humane of you to pretend that you care about these “Muslim to Christian” converts. All one needs to do is a cursory reading of Sunni or Shia literature and will quickly discover that you (the author) probably want these people killed (or remain silent and look the other way).


    • iTor,
      Who are you to judge what the author truly cares about?

      And through a cursory reading of Christian literature and Bible one quickly discovers that Christians want all Jews to convert or be killed, along with any other non-Christians as well. Does this mean that you advocate the murder of all non-Christians?


  6. Still, I don’t agree with what he did. He should have done a debate.

    From what I understand, Dr. Qadhi was unwilling to do a debate and admitted he did not know enough about Christian theology or Christian history in order to do a debate, so the kind of dialogue that they agreed with was the next best thing.

    I don’t see the problem with it; given all the other debates that Dr. White has done and the 2 (vs. Bashir Varnia in South Africa and vs. Abdullah Al Andalousi in England) he did after that dialogue, that he showed clips from on the Dividing Line program yesterday.

    The clips toward the end of the DL yesterday, show that Dr. White was very clear on presenting the gospel and the issues that divide us, contrary to the accusations of Brannon Howse and the Worldview Weekend folks.


  7. The reason no one will debate him anymore is because of his childish tactics.

    I agreed with that – his anger and behavior. But that is not “cocooning” oneself off – he still wants to debate.

    I have only see Shabir Ally and Sam Shamoun debate one time, and it is on You Tube, and IMO, Shabir did not embarrass him.

    David Wood also debated Shabir Ally several times, and did a good job, IMO.


    • Ken, will you debate? We can set a debate up with you and a Muslim on the topic of salvation. Are you interested?


    • I have actually never done a formal debate before; I have been witnessing to Muslims one-on one. (and com-box type stuff like here.) Lord willing, maybe I will in the future. I confess I am not a fast thinker like Dr. White, & also, I am not trained in “formal debate”.


    • quote
      I confess I am not a fast thinker like Dr. White, & also, I am not trained in “formal debate”.

      i gotta agree with you here man, for this stuff you need fast thinking skills . sometimes a good point can come hours after the conversation is over.

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    • Well Ken, we have been having discussions on Zoom for a while. You can chose a format that suits you. You can check out our next debate and turn up and just chat with us – a few Christians do that. Informal chats.


    • David , Sam, Jay, and Usama should not be given any moment from Muslims’ time.
      Those people are ignorant and Psycho. May Allah punish & expose them for the lies they spread among their followers.
      I challenge them to debate any jew with the same manner they do with muslims. It’s a challenge !

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  8. I think many Muslim youth are susceptible to the lies they’re repeatedly told about Islam, that it promotes terrorism and backwards social practices and that there are belief systems far superior in comparison. Fortunately, they quickly dismiss this idea when they hear the bad arguments and the poison that comes out of the mouths of Sam Shamoun, David Wood, Jay Smith and their ilk. So yes, thank you for your service, Sam and co.


  9. we don’t want you to convert, we want you to leave.



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