The Christian Head Covering Movement

The Head Covering Movement has created this fascinating visual presentation of 1 Corinthians 11. It helps show the structure and flow of Paul’s argumentation about the importance of head covering something Islam also teaches (though for slightly different reasons). Paul also teaches here that Jesus has a God, “the head of Christ is God”, which is also very close to the Islamic view. Most Christians in my experience tend to ignore both teachings.



Here is a modern Muslim woman beautifully dressed in a hijab. I’m sure Paul would have approved



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  1. IIRC Geza Vermes thought Paul was worried women without headcoverings would tempt angels in Heaven!

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  2. Mr. Williams, I invite you to attend a Traditional Latin Mass. You’ll find quite a lot of head coverings. It is wrong for Christians to attack them. Almost every female saint wore head coverings because most female saints were nuns.


  3. I have attended a Latin Mass in the past. I don’t recall may women being dressed as per Paul’s instructions. Anyway, I am guessing you do not agree with Paul that Jesus has a God?


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