Dear West: a Muslim’s response to the aftermath of terrorism

This video is in response to the aftermath of terrorism; that includes the expected condemnation of the Muslim community as well as the horrific revenge attacks we have faced.

To end my poem I mention a list of events I believe the entire Western community should apologise for- to the listener that might sound absolutely ridiculous- because it is. It is absolutely ridiculous for me to ask a whole community to apologise for what a minority does. It is just as ridiculous and just as pathetic to ask the Muslim community to do so.

My heart goes out to all those who were mercilessly killed in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad on the same day. Before you accuse me of sympathising with ISIS, please watch my other piece: ‘This is not my Islam’…

Categories: Islam, Islamophobia, Life in the West, Palestine, Terrorism

2 replies

  1. LOL Yes Muslims are the victims lol. Thanks for driving more Islamophobia.
    You guys just can not learn can you. Sad really sad. Oh well


  2. Insane Hippy,

    Thank you for proving that Islamophobes don’t think. They just blow hot air. Sad, really sad. Oh well…



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